Latest Technologies for Business Expansion in 2019

Latest Technologies for Business Expansion in 2019

As per latest technologies business were spread rapidly in every field. As our opinion we share some technologies which are essential for all industries. Let’s see the detailed description of the technologies :


The term Internet of Things elaborates on the concept of optimization of operational efficiency and rationalization, automation, maintenance as under the IT things. 

The Industrial Internet of Things opens plenty of opportunities in automation, optimization, intelligent manufacturing and smart industry, asset performance administration, industrial control, boosting towards an on service model of demand, new ideas of servicing consumers and the generation of new sales models, the more specific objective of the industrial transformation.

Industrial IoT is basically used to make a difference between use cases, actual usage, and specific technologies accelerate for manufacturing and after that other kinds of industries are on one hand and enterprise IoT and customer IOT applications on other.

As per web development industries, IoT is using on large scale for hybrid software development thats a good advantage for companies.

2. 3D Printing :

According to 3D hubs within the five years, the market of 3D printing is expected to grow 20% annually so we should move towards 3D printing business. There are several types of materials are used in 3D printing, such as plastic and polymers, steel, titanium, gold, and ceramic. So this kind of variability means 3D printed models work for artistic sculptures to airplane components.there are some kind of 3D printers they can even print chemicals, and proteins so it is helpful to enabling devices to create foods and medicines. With the help of 3D printers, three-dimensional digital models are made into physical objects.

3. Cognitive Technology: 

Cognitive technology is in the same way as machine learning and virtual reality but it has an extended area.                                                                                      

# Machine learning: Machine learning is a computer’s capability to learn itself through data analysis and continuous tracking repeating patterns. We can take an example of social media platforms they all use machine learning to understand which way you are connected with those in your social network.

# Virtual reality (VR): Virtual reality (Vr) is the advanced technology to create a virtual reality. Under the virtual reality, the user gets an inside experience. Instead of watching a screen in front of them, so the users are fully focused and capable to interact with the n3D worlds with the help virtual technology there are lots od senses as possible like vision, hearing, touch, even, smell, By simulating as many senses as possible, such as vision, hearing, touch, smell. Remember watching movies about virtual reality.

Under cognitive technology, the important things of the natural learning process (NLP) and speech recognition are used. So the combination of these several technologies is helpful to automate and optimize a lot of works that were previously done by any person like certain aspects of accounting and analytics.

4. Touch commerce :

Touch commerce is the easy way to buy anything of your choice with the one touch of a finger with the help of Merging touch screen technology with one-click shopping, a consumer can easily buy products from their phones. And after linking their general accounts payment information and enabling the features the consumer can easily buy everything from clothes to furniture with their fingerprints. Tuch commerce provides the facility to communicate with their customers anytime, anywhere and on any device of their choice. Which includes touch social for social media, touch media or media campaigns, touch store for retail, touch connect for connect centers, Touch sales for customer sales. Agent services and self-services both are optional in the Touch commerce.

5. Chatbots:

The generation of chatbots and virtual assistants was successfully possible with the help of artificial intelligence. Google’s Home, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri all make use of Al-based algorithms. The basic purpose of chatbots is to convincingly imitate human conversations. To improve customer services like streamline shopping process, personalize communications, batter response rates and automate repetitive tasks. The chatbots initially designed to perform simple tasks but machine learning technology helps to make chatbots capable of more contextually relevant interactions. 

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