Learn How to Apply Makeup Using Some Simple Tips

Learn How to Apply Makeup Using Some Simple Tips

Girls with brown eyes can consider themselves lucky - very dramatic, dark make up as well as bright and neutral one go well with brown irises. However, it doesn't mean that there are no rules to follow and you are free to do anything. The look of brown eyes even without make up is very deep, but you can do a few things to intensify it a little bit more. Here you find a few examples of what can be done to make your eyes look even more spectacular!

If you're a brown-eyed girl you can call eyeliner your new best friend, as it is a perfect tool to make your look more seductive and intensive. You can use it on upper lid and on the lower one to emphasize the shape of the outer corners of your eyes. It is best to not use eyeliner or dark eye shadows on the inner corners of your eyes, as it makes them look smaller. Instead, use bright, natural eye shadows in the inner corners of your eyes and make a dark line on your lids with eyeliner, starting from the center of the eye. Experiment with different shapes of lines and different colors of eyeliners. Raise your eyeliner up when you're finishing drawing a line and give it a little twist. It creates an illusion that your eyes are almond-shaped. Dark blue or navy-colored line on your eyelids make your eyes look more intriguing. Proper use of red eyeliner can give your eyes very warm contour and fierce look.

You will achieve the best effects when you combine eyeliner with an eye shadow of similar color. Use it near the eyeliner line to make it look like if it was smudged on your eyelids. You're free to combine two different eye shadows, even the ones with very distinctive color. Just remember about the rule of applying the darkest colors in the outer and the brightest colors in the inner corners of your eyes. For a finish, put two or three coats of mascara on your lashes. Again, you're free to use even the darkest mascara, with one coat being appropriate even for a daytime look.

Brown eyes look best with equally dark brows. If you're a natural brunette all you have to do is trim your brows. To accentuate their color and open-up your eyes, use very bright, shiny and natural color underneath your brows. If your brows have natural blonde color dying it with henna is an option you should seriously consider. Light brown henna color is recommended to all of those blond-haired girls, who have dark, brown eyes.

The next thing that you need to know when you learn how to apply makeup is to choose the right foundation. It should be such that it matches the tone of your skin. You should also be careful enough not to overdo the foundation, since it can end up ruining your whole appearance. You can use a sponge to even out the makeup throughout your entire face. You can then start off with checking your eye brows and use tweezers to even them out. This is followed by application of the mascara and blush to complete the process. Once you are through with applying makeup on the rest of your face, you can then gradually move on to other parts of the face such as lips and then the neck to gradually complete the makeup process.


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