Although OLED TVs are the big stars of the LG catalogue, the truth is that the Korean manufacturer also has high-end LCD models. One of them is the LG SK8100, a television belonging to the SUPER UHD range and with Nano Cell technology. It is equipped with the new α7 processor, it is compatible with up to 5 different HDR formats, it has Dolby Atmos sound and the ThinQ Artificial Intelligence system.

That is, we are facing an LCD television that offers almost all the technology that incorporates the highest-end models. In general, it is a good TV for all types of use, from watching DTT to playing. As we will see now, its image quality fades a bit when we see it in a dark room. However, in a bright room, you get very good results. Besides, we have the always complete LG webOS operating system. I have had the opportunity to try the LG 55SK8100 for a few days and I tell you what I thought.


We have tested the LG 55SK8100 base

The design of the LG SK8100 is quite striking. The screen is surrounded by a dark metal frame one centimetre thick. Being metallic they offer a fairly high-quality finish.

To place the TV on a piece of furniture we have a boomerang-shaped stand. It is metallic support, also in dark colour, and that leaves a space under the TV of about 7 centimetres. It may be enough to place a low profile soundbar. By the way, to place the support we will need 82 centimetres wide and about 25 centimetres deep.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 rear

Also metallic is the back, with a very striking grey panel. The TV is quite thin at the top, somewhat less at the bottom. The connectors are located at the far left (looking at the TV in front), some in the lateral position and others in the front.

Specifically, we have 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, an optical output, a LAN input, a headphone output (Minijack) and the different tuners. As for wireless connectivity, the LG 55SK8100 has 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 support

The foot is "connected" to the TV by four screws, located in plastic support. This has a hook to pass the cables so that they are a little more fixed. Nothing to do with the solutions we have seen in other brands.


The LG SK8100 has a fairly good image quality, but without reaching the top models on the market. Perhaps its biggest weak point is a bad contrast ratio, which makes blacks appear grey. Nor does the local attenuation system help, since it uses vertical zones.

It is in dark rooms where we are going to notice these defects. However, if we use the TV in a bright room or leave a dim light on when we watch TV, these failures are not so obvious.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 4K HDR Grandpa
4K HDR image

The Edge Local Dimming lighting system with zone control fails to prevent blacks from being as deep as they should. Also, in the test unit, we had some clouding problems, quite visible.

On the other hand, the use of an IPS panel negatively affects blacks, but positively the viewing angles. Without reaching those who get OLED technology, the LG SK8100 has good viewing angles, surpassing its rivals with VA panel.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 4K HDR batman

4K HDR image

All the "bugs" discussed may go completely unnoticed by many users. The truth is that we have to carefully analyze the televisions to give you a verdict, but not everyone can detect these problems. That said, the 4K image that the LG SK8100 achieves is of quite quality, crisp and defined.

The same goes for content in Full HD resolution, with which the 12-bit α7 image processor does a good job. This chip performs an analysis by zone and uses a double process of noise elimination and Banding.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 4K HDR driver

1080p FHD image

This process is also noted with lower resolution images, such as DTT or DVD. However, it is inevitable to see some artefact from time to time if the image has poor quality.

The LG SK8100 covers between 91 and 95% of the DCI P3 colour space. However, its Rec 2020 colour space coverage is much less wide, which makes the TV have a less wide colour gamut than other higher-end models. Even so, it can produce more vibrant colours than most televisions in its range.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 4K HDR DTT
DTT Image

One of the strengths of the LG SK8100 is its movement handling. It has an excellent response time, achieving a very stable image even in the fastest scenes. However, the panel has an update frequency of no less than 120 Hz.

This makes it ideal as television to play. The in-game mode you get a really good response time at 1080p resolution, somewhat higher in 4K HDR.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 4K HDR Deadpool

4K HDR image

As for the HDR, the LG SK8100 is compatible with most HDR formats on the market. It has support for Dolby Vision and Advanced HDR by Technicolor, as well as with HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro.

Although the quality of the HDR images is good, it gives me the feeling that the TV lacks some more maximum brightness to achieve a more striking image.


The LG SK8100 is equipped with a 2.0 sound system with a total power of 20W. That is, it has no subwoofer, which is noted in the final result. We have a decent sound to watch TV, with clear dialogues. However, if we want to enjoy a movie in conditions, we will have to use an external system.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 4K HDR sound

As for the formats, it is capable of decoding DTS and has Dolby Atmos technology. The latter optimizes the sound if the content we are seeing has a track in this format. We also have an artificial intelligence system that provides us with a Virtual 5.1 sound. Not that I noticed a big change when activated, but something more amplitude.


The webOS operating system reaches version 4.0 this year. The changes, more than visually, we find them in the functionalities. We still have the main bar with applications that appears at the bottom. This is configurable and gives us access to the apps we use the most.

As soon as you should know smart tv price in Bangladesh, we will have the most common applications available. However, LG offers us a fairly complete app store. From here we can download and install applications as popular as Plex.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 4K HDR smart tv

The system has some options worth mentioning. For example, the media player that includes the TV is really good. I have been able to play 4K heavy HDR movies perfectly, networked and directly with the included player.

On the other hand, the LG SK8100 includes the gallery mode of OLED TVs. This turns our TV into a picture through which different works of art will be happening.

But the striking thing about the Smart TV of this TV is the ThinQ system. The combination of the AI ​​system and the Google Assistant allows us to talk to the TV and ask for almost everything. We can know from the weather tomorrow until the result of the match of our favourite team.

We have tested LG 55SK8100 4K HDR thing

Of course, we can also play content. And we can do it both if we know what we want to see or not, because we can tell the TV that we are bored and it will look for videos of our liking. According to LG, the ThinQ system will learn while using the TV to give us more and more accurate recommendations.

And if we have more ThinQ devices at home, we can use the TV as a command centre. I have not been able to test this functionality first hand because I don't have any other device with this system in my house.


The LG SK8100 is a good TV for varied use. It works well if we want to watch DTT during the day, if we want to watch a movie with some light or if we want to play the game console. Its image defects, many associated with the type of panel and lighting, are more present if we use the television with total darkness. However, it is as easy as placing a dim light in the room.



I am Masum Hossain. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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