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Methods for Teaching the English Language to Beginners

Teaching is a satisfying and at the same time, a challenging job. Teachers own significant control in the classroom environment. There is no doubt as a teacher your techniques for teaching the English language make a tremendous difference to spice up the classroom, making it enjoyable whether you are teaching adults or young students.

To teach the English language, the initial difficulty you will face could be the language barrier. You are teaching a student whose native language is not English. Therefore interaction becomes very hard. Developing an understanding between you, and the students is a challenging task. Furthermore, if you're teaching young ones, creating compatibility with all the students is very important. You can choose the best TEFL certification online and will help you understand the differences in teaching English to non-English Speakers

As an aspiring teacher, the following techniques will help you to overcome these difficulties.

1. Physical Actions Instead of Talking

Teaching English to beginners with actions is one of many essential methods. As a faculty, your job is to engage the class whenever possible. English is totally a stranger to them. They will find it irritating if you talk throughout the entire program in the traditional method of teaching. Preferably, you want to use more actions and gestures to talk to them. Then they will find the class as enjoyable. For example, if you want to teach the word “walk,” then walk gently and tell the students to learn the concept. Gradually, add more adjectives to the term by showing different actions and gestures.

2. Allow the Students to Enjoy in the Class

As an English teacher in a foreign country, you will be teaching a totally different group of students. Some might have the ability to grab the method faster, but some find it as challenging. It is easier to teach those students who get the idea quicker. Whereas, on the other side, we need to take additional care to those students who find it difficult.

The most effective method to teach the English language always allows the students to enjoy the sections. Allow them to speak up and, in the initial stages, they may talk in their local language, that's ok! Gradually, the communication between you and the students becomes more comfortable and enjoyable. However, make sure you reply to them in English. Class playtime is definitely an effective way of teaching techniques for children to learn English quicker. It will help the students to learn quickly and, also makes the classes entertaining and helps them to develop more confidence.

3. Be Patient

The majority of English teachers agree that teaching novices are one of the most difficult in teaching. As a result of classrooms being noisy, and students losing their control, it may become extremely stressful most of the time.

As a teacher, you have to make sure that the class is under your control and never let it out. Hence, keeping your cool and start to become really patient is another helpful strategy to teach the English language to the students. It is necessary to earn respect from the students by not shouting or screaming at them.

4. Working Hours and Organizing

Your ways to teach the English language must be presented in such a way that students should find the class engaging. Furthermore, classroom management and structuring are critical. The organization of these classes is in a way that different topics for the courses are divided into different sections so the students, won’t find it uniform.

5. Get Down to the Students Level

The students may discover your teaching style different as they regularly had exposure to a new training system. Because of the language barrier, initially, students could be hesitant about getting near to you. Hence, you should figure out how to get right down to students level and communicate with them. Additionally, keep saying things repeatedly if they haven’t understood what you thought.

6. Digital Teaching

The approaches to teaching the English language online are totally different from classroom training. Teaching English online means you certainly be teaching small children from different nations. As young ones are always playful and excited, controlling them through the entire class is a tough job. It is a monotonous work to keep the children involved in the class. Moreover, they often get the course really dull until you have something to catch their awareness.

7.Teach Grammar Easily

You must have a great understanding of English grammar even if you are really a native English instructor and speak English with ease. Or perhaps you might not know how to teach “tenses” and “adverb” and “adjective” to a total set of new students who don’t even know a word of English.

The initial step for it would be to plan your grammar lessons in a way that students don’t see them too annoying. Also, it is crucial to make sure that the grammar lessons are taken quickly.


Teaching is one of the most rewarding and demanding jobs. As an English instructor, the brand new environment can be a bit challenging for you. Probably the students also have a tendency to back away because of this language barrier. However, follow the tips which will help you become a teacher loved by all of the students.



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