Most Common Relationship Problems Millennials Bring up The Most in Therapy:

Most Common Relationship Problems Millennials Bring up The Most in Therapy:


Relationships have never been easy; no matter how beautiful they look from the outside. There are usually many problems associated with dating, but dating is becoming more and more difficult with time.

Yes, the millennial generation has easy access to everything, and they have so many dating options; thanks to social media and thousands of dating apps. All this technology has made dating more convenient, but it has brought up some new problems with it.

That’s why you can find millennials crying about heartbreaks, taking relationship counseling and trying hard to be happy in a relationship. Talking to relationship counselors about this issue, we found out the most common relationship problems of millennials.

Well, you should know about these problems if you also belong to the millennial generation group. You will be able to avoid them or tackle them after knowing them. So, let’s have a look:

  1. The Urge to Get More:

Basically, lots of dating apps have made it more difficult for millennials to find that “special one”. Most of the young adults of this generation can see the profiles of anyone on social media. These social media posts make them question that “can I find someone better than my current partner?”

Most of the millennials tell their counselor that their partner left them because they found “someone better”. Yes, some guys left their girls because they found a girl on Facebook with “better looks”. In the same way, some girls ditch their boy for “better abs”. The quest for more is one of the biggest problems of this generation.

  1. Different Goals:

People of this generation have more career and education options than the people of past generations. Those days are gone when youngsters used to focus only on marriage and relationships after completing basic education.

Nowadays, every youngster has different goals for education and career. These goals become a topic of conflicts between millennials in a relationship. However, such conflicts can be sorted out by proper communication and relationship counseling.

  1. Inability to Discuss Conflicts Face-to-Face:  

Communication is very important in any relationship, but a common problem faced by millennials in the relationship is the inability to have in-person communications. Most of the millennials find their partners through dating apps or social media.

So, they basically start communicating online before actually meeting that person. Most of these people talk on chats even after several years of relationships. Yes, they meet sometimes, but oft-times they communicate via chats or calls.

Due to this, they find it more difficult to have a face-to-face conversation with their partners about their problems. The lack of proper communication also becomes a common reason for most of the break-ups.

  1. Conflicts over Social Media Actions:

According to relationship counselors, most millennial couples fight over the social media actions of each other. These fights stem from the jealousy over things like “likes, comments approval of friend requests of unknown people”.

Some millennial couples complaint to their counselor that their other half put so many photos and posts on social media. Some come up with problems like “my partner comments on the posts of other boys/girls”. They keep bickering over these trivial issues.

  1. Lack of Trust:

Trust is a very important pillar of any love relationship, and without it, a relationship remains somewhat hollow. But, trusting their partner is not an easy task for millennials in a time when cheating is so easy. So, the lack of trust is yet another problem of millennial relationships.

They always keep wondering, “Whom my partner was chatting with when I wasn’t online?” or “Why he/she always deletes the chat history from the phone?” So, these small acts also become a matter of doubt for millennials, and they find it hard to trust anyone.

  1. Oversharing the Private Life on Social Media:

Most of the millennials have a habit of sharing their every life activity on social media. Where they are going, what they are doing, what they are buying and with whom they have a relationship. All of it can be found on social media.

This also become a big relationship problem because many couples fight over this over-activeness on social media platforms. Although being active on social media isn’t a bad thing, but this leads to fights because most of the couples can see what their partner is posting.

They post sad or angry statuses after fights which worsen the situation. Some of them keep sharing their personal issues on social media with others; which their partner may not like.

  1. Financial Problems:

Millennial couples who live on their own have also faced problems in handling their finances. This happens because nowadays, it’s all about to show off. People go to expensive places, branded cafés, and big restaurants just to show off on social media.

Not every person has that much money to finance all these expenses, and from here, the problem starts. Some youngsters expect their every date to be expensive due to which; the other person in the relationship feels extra financial pressure.       

Even many people of this generation leave their partners just because their partner can’t handle their hi-fi expenses. However, couples who are rich don’t face any financial issues.

  1. Cheating:

Cheating is indeed an old-age problem of relationships, and there always have been some people who cheat on their partners. But, this problem is increased in the millennial couples because now anyone can simply cheat and hide.

In earlier days, talking or meeting to new people wasn’t that much easy, but now, you can even chat with someone sitting at the other end of the earth through the internet. Due to this, more and more couples are indulging into cheating.

Many millennials consider relationships as a time pass and a game because they start using dating apps at a tender age. They hurt their partner without even thinking that it’s wrong because they are too small to understand the difference between right and wrong. All of this is leading to cheating.



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