Moulinex clean Soup LM841110 heating blender: the test

Moulinex clean Soup LM841110 heating blender: the test


Characteristics of Moulinex easy Soup

Clean Soup, the whole lot is already in the call of this device which makes it easy to cook dinner homemade soups. It's miles the maximum low-cost model within the brand's range of heated blenders. It operates at an energy of one thousand W, properly sufficient to make soups, compotes and different purees quickly and on the first try.

Its stainless steel container has a useful capability of 1.2 litres (for a total capability of 3 litres). It's far instead interesting for a small own family of four people. The superb gain of stainless steel is that it does not heat a lot outside, not like glass which often will become difficult to deal with beneath the impact of high temperature. It can, consequently, be moved without problems once the soup is cooked, without risking burning yourself.


The layout of this food processor is quality and extremely reminiscent of that of a kettle or a thermos. With those white and stainless steel colours, it is flexible. It is not bulky both given its dimensions: 23 x 16 x 33 cm. Weighing 2.Four kg, it can be positioned on the desk at mealtime in order no longer to soil another field. So everyone can use as they wish. Then again, we suggest having a ladle next to it for serving, due to the fact the bowl does not have a spout, and your threat spilling it anywhere.

Functions and dealing with

To lessen fruit and greens to mash, the blender is delivered with 4 stainless-steel blades. On this model, there is the most effective one velocity, a small flat will think a few. However, this is quickly made up for through the possibility of choosing from 4 culinary packages: velvety soup, grilled soup, compote and mixing.

Every software is without difficulty accessible on the duvet of the device, with a unique colour for each of them. After peeling and slicing the culmination, vegetables or meat, simply positioned them inside the robot after which press the start/prevent button. This single button concurrently turns the tool on and rancid. Then, an unmarried click will release the preferred program.

As these are automated features, all the parameters are already adjusted beforehand by way of the blender: temperature, cooking time and velocity. We do not need to reveal the cooking of the soup or other recipes. The most cooking temperature is one hundred ° C. Except for the simple blending feature, there is, therefore, no guide program. We can't modify the robot. He is there to do everything alone (or nearly), without all and sundry having to intervene. You could watch tv quietly whilst it's miles simmering. A signal warns when the recipe is prepared.

One of the features that we favoured was the maintain heat function. It starts routinely for forty minutes after the stop of cooking. And the way to the double insulating wall of the stainless steel field, the soup remains truly warm for the long term. This feature of the bowl wall additionally allows keep cocktails, juices and different bloodless preparations cool longer.

Blender efficiency

At some stage in the take a look at, we were stimulated by way of the cookbook supplied with the device to check its authentic abilities. Hot soup, bloodless soup, vegetable cream, smoothie, pancake batter, waffle batter ... There are many recipes within the ebook, and there is something to wonder about the complete circle of relatives. It offers thoughts for every day. We're glad about the result of our test. Food mixing is pinnacle-notch. Cream soups, soups and fruit compotes are perfectly completed, and the food is properly cooked. The automated programs had been properly concept out to make our lives as easy as viable.

As for the "mixture" characteristic for certainly mixing, we had no hassle with the result and greens. However, we did no longer dare to try to overwhelm ice considering that this robot isn't always designed for. It does no longer provide this characteristic. Is there's no feature "pulse" to combine too tough meals, together with meat? , there may be small portions, but nothing very painful.


Opposite to what one would possibly suppose, the protection of the tool may be very easy thanks to its clean cleansing application. That is a button placed at the control interface, next to the applications for soups and compotes. A single click on will start it.

The bowl is wiped clean in a few seconds because, in contrast to different mixers, the blades aren't at the lowest of the field. The blades are plunging, that is to say, that they are fixed on the lid and held through a rod, just like a traditional plunger mixer. As for the outside of the tool, an easy sponge is enough to repair its shine.

Purchaser evaluations

This is the wide variety of sales in terms of heated blenders on the net. Customers are glad about their buy and provide it with a preferred score of 4.Three stars out of 5. We observe its simplicity of cleaning and use. Consumers suggest it for small budgets.

Editorial opinion and conclusion

Like many customers, we were pleasantly surprised by using the overall performance of the clean Soup heated blender. We're entitled to the first-rate that has constantly made the reputation of Moulinex gadgets. Additionally, it offers a very good blender machine price in Bangladesh in cash and that is why we adore it. We advocate it to enthusiasts of homemade dishes who want to invest in a terrific soup cooker without breaking their finances. Besides, self-made soup isn't expensive and maybe enjoyed anytime. Any such tool can handiest facilitate day by day lifestyles, particularly while you are out of suggestion for dinner for instance.



I am Mashfiq Ahmed Masum. I live in Bangladesh.

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