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No specific WordPress hosting at Dhaka Colo


WordPress hosting at Dhaka Colo takes on its full meaning with the activation of the VIP option at 2 € / month and the use of LS Cache. To do this, you will simply need to install the free LSCache plugin in your WordPress. Next, WorldLS by Dhaka Colo hosting should propel your WordPress at rocket speed.
We can, however, regret not seeing any additional initiative about WordPress hosting. Some hosts include professional themes and/or plugins in their hosting offers, while others go so far as to offer managed BD server hosting offers.

Admin panel

Quite original, the "World by Dhaka Color" platform is equipped with two administration interfaces: the classic cPanel that we no longer present, and a homemade administration panel by Dhaka Colo called "World Panel". The latter is however not as complete as cPanel which is still necessary for certain advanced administration tasks.

Indeed cPanel covers all the needs in terms of management of your web hosting and your website. cPanel is the most used control panel in the world, and especially popular with North American customers and hosts. No wonder it has bet on cPanel.
These two administration interfaces, cPanel and World Panel, are integrated into the global interface, namely the customer area. The latter makes it easy to add sites, by choosing the infrastructure on which to deploy them and to manage the pool of resources allocated by hosting account.

Finally, note the integration into cPanel of the inevitable Softaculous, a handy CMS application manager that helps you deploy and update hundreds of the most popular applications in just a few clicks (WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, etc.).

Domain names


Dhaka Colo includes a free domain name per web hosting offer. But it is, of course, possible to order additional domain names to take advantage of multi-sites and thus host several sites on a single hosting space. This is accredited by ICANN and other organizations such as CIRA, Afnic, Dnsbe, Dnslu, Eurid, Ldns and Switch. We can, therefore, say that Dhaka Colo has the quality of Registrar, that is to say, that they do not depend on another third company for the registration and management of domain names.

The prices for creating and renewing domain names are higher than with most of the competitors, however, it should be emphasized that Dhaka Colo offers 3 features worthy of interest:
•    WHOIS protection (offered with the VIP option): this protection allows you to hide your personal information in the WHOIS databases. And therefore to avoid untimely solicitations.
•    Transfer lock: this is security against theft of domain names.
•    Auto-renewal: you do not need to think about renewing your domain name, at the risk of causing long unavailability of service to your website, or even losing it.
It provides ultra-responsive and highly available support. Most of the time, answers are provided in just a few minutes. Dhaka Colo support can be requested:
•    By phone at 0 805 080 426 (free call from a landline) from Monday to Friday 24 hours a day, and weekends from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
•    By ticket support (requires opening a ticket from the customer area) 24/7
•    By Live Chat at the same times as by phone


It maintains a very comprehensive knowledge base, which contains getting started guides for each topic, as well as more detailed articles for advanced features. The articles are illustrated with numerous screenshots which makes them easy to read. The two administration panels (cPanel and World Panel) are also provided with their tutorials. We can blame Dhaka Colo for not having used the video. Often, a well-made video is more effective than ten pages of explanation and illustrations. In any case, you will find in this knowledge base many resources allowing you to do it alone before contacting the support of the host.
Free migration of your website
You are hosted elsewhere and you hesitate to change host for fear of having to ensure a migration that you may not control? It has the solution: they agree to migrate your site for free if you order web hosting from them. Just contact their support and Dhaka Colo technicians will do the rest!


It is clear that Dhaka Colo is a solid host and which enjoys a very good reputation. Dhaka Colo sets itself apart from its competitors by a few original features, such as the management of the resource pool, the choice of a dedicated server in Bangladesh, or even the provision of 2 administration panels to manage its website.
Its strategy of a single hosting offer is paying off since it allows all of the company's innovation efforts to be concentrated on this offer. The result is a successful and efficient hosting offer, "The World", and it's a very high-performance variant "The WorldLS" which will seduce webmasters of sites using CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Prestashop.
It has also been able to reassure us about the security of accommodation, all of which are automatically saved every 12 hours. The presence of an anti-malware scanner and the provision of free SSL certificates complete the protection offered to hosted sites.
Finally, the quality and responsiveness of the support will eventually convince the undecided who can count on the support of Dhaka Colo if by chance things did not go exactly as planned. And don't forget, it's 14 days money-back guarantee anyway.



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