Off-The-Shelf Cs. Custom Fit Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding

Off-The-Shelf Cs. Custom Fit Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding

Protecting your teeth is one of the most important steps to take if you’re affected by bruxism or teeth grinding. A mouth guard will help you avoid the negative effects of teeth grinding and clenching. The question now is whether you should buy a custom mouth guard for teeth grinding or an over-the counter mouth guard.

This is a valid question. In order to understand which mouth guard will work best for you, you need to understand the differences and similarities between these mouth guards.

Off-the-shelf mouth guards:- These mouth guards are often made of a thin and flexible plastic material. This makes them suitable for use by a wide range of people. They are designed to cover the upper teeth. This prevents the teeth from gnashing against the lower teeth.

These mouth guards are not fitted to the specific requirements of the person wearing them. They are however designed to be customizable. You can make adjustments to it with a razor blade or a sharp pair of scissors to suit your level of comfort.

Over-the-counter mouth guards are easy to buy and are often affordable. They are also relatively easy to fit.

Because these mouth guards are typically thin and flexible, they may not provide adequate protection for your teeth, especially if you suffer from severe bruxism. The fact that these mouth guards are not custom-fit means that they can easily be dislodged when your jaw moves or while sleeping. These mouth guards don’t last long.

Custom-fit mouth guards:- A custom mouth guard for teeth grinding is one that has been prescribed or created specifically for your needs. They are made from an impression of your teeth and mouth. They are therefore highly personalized.

The thickness of the mouth guards can be adjusted based on your needs. If you suffer from severe bruxism, for example, the thickness may be increased to provide more protection. If your bruxism is mild, the thickness may be lessened for greater comfort and adequate protection.

Custom mouth guards are often only fitted for the upper teeth. However, you can also have them fitted for your lower teeth.

If you’re looking for the best night guard for teeth grinding, you’d do well with a custom mouth guard. Because they are fitted precisely, they are less likely to fall off with jaw movements or while sleeping. They provide optimal comfort and safety.

These mouth guards are made from special thermoplastics. They are more durable than over-the-counter mouth guards. They are also more effective at eliminating unwanted jaw movement.

Those suffering from extreme teeth grinding or clenching can benefit a great deal from custom mouth guards. The snug fit and customized thickness will ensure greater comfort and protection for the teeth and jaw.

In the past, you could only access a custom mouth guard for teeth grinding by visiting your dentist and having them made for you. Today, you can easily get these mouth guards online. There are several online sites that can provide you with an impression kit. You simply have to return the impression kit and your custom mouth guard will be shipped to you in a matter of days.

These mouth guards were once very expensive. However, thanks to dental laboratories that have sites online, they have become more affordable.

What to do next:- If you’re considering getting a mouth guard to protect your teeth from the effects of teeth clenching, you should visit your dentist first. They will help you determine the best treatment for your disorder, including what type of mouth guard would best suit your needs. Protecting your teeth should be your top priority, no matter what the root cause of grinding your teeth is.

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