Offers a perfect enhancement to your industry

Offers a perfect enhancement to your industry

Industries like adult businesses are in need of payment gateway to enhance their transaction and thus look for way-out. Many industries look for solution providers that can offer them the right service according to their industry. ePay Global is the reliable payment processor offering you solutions related to the transaction and it is possible via Offshore Merchant Account.

Offshore processing with credit card offers swift transaction

Offshore Payment Processing with credit card processing is a reliable way to process payment from customers. You can process your pay-outs from your customers in an easy manner. There is a swift transaction if you are seeking good revenue from your business. You do not have to worry now as you can get easy pay-outs from your customers. You will find a lot of customers available on the web page and this makes you get a suitable way-out. With prominent credit cards, you can go for Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and several more for enhancing the transaction.

Get Adult Payment Gateway through offshore way-out

If you are seeking an Adult Merchant Account then offshore solutions are better for merchants. You can apply online application to ePay Global and the experts will respond back to you within 2 days. Besides, you are needed to send all the essential documents to the experts. Once you sent, it is verified and sent to the acquiring bank for ultimate approval. Thus, you get a business account within a period of 10 days without any disruption. The International Payment Gateways is flexible and thus merchants prefer to go for it.

Extend your business abroad with diverse currency options

If you are looking for an international business then look for diverse currency options. You can enhance your transaction with the UK Pound, the United States Dollar, the Australian Dollar and several more. You can secure your global business with multiple currency options. International clients find easier to transfer funds from their gateway to yours. You can get enormous transactions in one-go with global clients. Thus, you maintain a strong business in the international market.

High-risk gateways offer safety to the transaction

High-risk gateways such as Non-3Ds and 3Ds offer security to your transaction. You can secure your account with high-risk solutions. You can overcome chargebacks and scams that are probable in business. With high-risk way-out, you can prevent fraudsters to take away your industry’s info. Thus, an appropriate transaction takes devoid of chargebacks and scams.

PCI-DSS solution for enhancing your deal

The PCI-DSS otherwise known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has been framed by the five main credit card corporations Visa, MasterCard, American Express,  JCB to lessen risks involved via online purchases besides transactions and avert data loss and enormous safety breaches. The PCI values are for corporations that manage credit card costs - accept procedures and store credit card expenses and data. The firms are ought to manage the credit card facts steadily with a presenting provider that is PCI compliant. PCI scan is a way out to aid businesses of all sizes to follow to PCI DSS suppliers.

Look for 24 hours service provider

You can look for 24 hours service provider for offering you a solution related to a gateway. You can secure your account with a suitable service provider such as ePay Global to enhance your transaction. The expert team is available 24 hours to offer you way out related to transaction.

Look for experts for offering amenity

As a merchant, you can look for experts that can offer you an accurate solution related to a transaction. You can seek the guidance of experts who are quick to offer you a solution related to your business. Thus, you can enhance your industry with the support of specialists who are ready to offer you service.

Look out for ePay Global for good business

You can look for ePay Global since it offers secure way-out to all your payment processing. There are several services offered such as credit card processing, ACH pay-outs, electronic checks, PCI-DSS solution, diverse currency options, high-risk gateways, international payment gateway, API tools and several more.

Besides, there are reliable specialists who are ready to offer you solutions associated with your industry. You can secure your account with the ePay Global payment processing facility without a hassle.

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ePay Global is a leading High Risk Payment Gateway provider, offers best Credit Card processing solutions for high risk business with chargeback management.

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