Orthopedic Procedures to Stabilize Broken Bones

Orthopedic Procedures to Stabilize Broken Bones

Diagnostic testing

There are numerous diagnostic tests which can be used to assist the doctor to determine what treatment is important.

Arthroscopy - The medical doctor may view the trouble area with arthroscopy wherein a digital camera is inserted into the body through an incision so the physician can see the damage. because this is surgical in nature, the doctor will use other means first to view the trouble area.

Myelogram - This test evaluates the abnormalities in the spinal cord, nerve roots and different tissues. A radiologist will inject dye into the spine. Xrays or a CT scan will then be completed. The dye causes the tissues to be visible.

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging pulse radio wave energy via the body in a magnetic discipline. while an x-ray and CT test are greater sensitive to the bone, an MRI is greater sensitive to soft tissue.

X-ray or CT test - For injuries primarily to the bone where soft tissues are not an area of the problem, the doctor can order the sort of tests that is sensitive to the bone. these tests assist the physician to decide on a surgical plan before treating the patient.


Arthroscopic surgery - In arthroscopic surgical operation, the orthopedic health care professional will make small incisions thru which he'll pass a digital camera and repair tools. healing time is quite speedy compared to a surgery that requires a large incision.

Joint alternative - In a joint alternative, a 3 to 12-inch incision is made and a plastic, metallic or ceramic joint is fixed to the remaining bone and held in place with cement or screws. A medical institution stay after a joint replacement is from 3 to 5 days and recovery takes about one month; although, the patient must experience instant remedy.

Laminectomy - A laminectomy is the fusion of vertebrae and the insertion of two or more screws to stabilize the spinal column. A laminectomy is important when the discs have contracted and bulged causing one of the vertebrae to slip out of line. even though the affected person might also straight away start feeling remedy after the surgical procedure, the healing time is much longer than with different remedies.

The orthopedic physician may also prescribe exercises and bodily therapy to begin, and if that is not powerful, he may also prescribe steroid injections into the backbone for a year earlier than performing a laminectomy.

Disectomy - A falling damage or age or both can reason the disc material between the vertebrae to bulge and press on the nerves of the spine. Orthopedic surgeons used to take away the entire disc, harvest bone from the hip or thigh and replace the disc with bone. this would resolve the problem but additionally decrease the variety of movement. cutting-edge advancements have allowed surgeons to take off simply the part of the disc that is impinging on the nerve and it's far a minimally invasive surgical treatment from which restoration is speedy. The complete elimination of the disc is the ultimate resort.

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