So far we have seen at CES what we could call the “of the future” televisions. Samsung's Micro LED panels or LG roll-up TV are spectacular, but unattainable for almost everyone. However, in the meantime innovation, Panasonic has preferred to present a new OLED model aimed at movie enthusiasts. The  Panasonic GZ2000 is equipped with a new Professional Edition panel calibrated by Hollywood professionals. In addition, inside it has a new HCX PRO Intelligent processor, which improves the image of its predecessors.
But perhaps the most striking thing about the new Panasonic GZ2000 is that it may be the most complete television in today's market. It is the world's first TV compatible with HDR10 +, Dolby Vision and HLG Photo. In addition, it is also the first television in the world that integrates speakers aimed at the ceiling for real Dolby Atmos sound reproduction. Speakers that, by the way, have been calibrated by Technics. In short, a television that incorporates all the best current technology.

It is one of the most used sales arguments by Panasonic in recent years. The Japanese manufacturer insists that its panels are the best to enjoy home theater. So in the new model, collaboration with Hollywood technicians has been maintained for calibration.
The new Panasonic OLED GZ2000 has been calibrated by Stefan Sonnenfeld, founder, and CEO of Company 3. It is a company that collaborates with some of the best filmmakers in the world. Stonefield has applied his knowledge as a colorist to some of the most popular films of the last decade, such as A Star, Wonder Woman, The Man of Steel, Beauty and the Beast or Jurassic World, among others.

Together with Panasonic engineers, they have managed to improve the average level of brightness and contrast of the new panel, which results in a greater dynamic range. The HDR content is now much more impressive and allows the Panasonic GZ2000 to play scenes with great brightness and contrast variability.
On the other hand, Panasonic has extended the calibration range for the RGB color scale in the darkest areas and reduced the interval between the calibration steps. In addition, the Panasonic GZ2000 is one of the first televisions compatible with CalMAN PatternGen test patterns from the Portrait Display's CalMAN calibration software. With this calibration, we have sought to offer the most accurate and cinematographic images ever seen on commercial television.

In addition to the new panel, the Panasonic GZ2000 arrives with a new image processor. According to Panasonic, the HCX Pro Intelligent is the most advanced processor they have ever created. It is able to quickly analyze the color, contrast, and clarity of video content in 4K, optimizing and offering more control over the screen.

It has been designed with an even faster Dynamic LUT to select and display the correct color for each level of brightness. In addition, the HCX PRO Intelligent processor supports multiple HDR dynamic metadata formats. In fact, the Panasonic GZ2000 becomes the world's first TV compatible with both HDR10 + and Dolby Vision formats. It is also compatible with HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), an HDR format that is expected to be broadly adopted by TV stations. And even with HLG Photo, a new image format for photography.

To try to offer the user the most complete device, the Panasonic GZ2000 also becomes the world's first television equipped with integrated speakers that orient the sound towards the ceiling. This allows a real Dolby Atmos sound.
The Dolby Atmos offers an audio moving, creating a much more complete surround sound. Objects and music move through space. The integration of tall speakers in the TV itself allows for a much more complete surround audio experience.

However, the incorporation of this type of speaker affects the design of the television. Although OLED panels have a very thin profile, the Panasonic GZ2000 has a somewhat thicker back to accommodate connections and speakers. The good thing about this system is that it offers a powerful and dynamic sound, complemented by a powerful bass. In addition, the sound system has been optimized by Technics engineers and also includes the JENO modules, original Technics, for a more precise sound.

In the different analyzes we have done on Panasonic TVs, such as the impressive FZ950, we have always emphasized that one of the points to improve is its operating system. However, the Japanese manufacturer insists this year on using its own system.
The Panasonic GZ2000 incorporates the new My Home Screen 4.0. This version allows, according to Panasonic, to adapt the interface to the user's taste with total freedom and flexibility. The home screen design can be reconfigured to allow custom designs. In addition, it is even easier to access VOD and broadcast content thanks to a redesigned GUI. This includes icons that offer shortcuts to TV, connected devices and apps like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube.

On the other hand, the Panasonic GZ2000 is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This will allow you to perform some of the key functions through voice commands.
At the moment Panasonic has not provided the launch date and Tv price in Bangladesh. What we do know is that the  Panasonic GZ2000 will be available in 55 and 65 inches.


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