Picasa: Assessing And Retouching Images For Everyone

Picasa: Assessing And Retouching Images For Everyone

Together with Gimp and Photofiltre, Picasa is one of the top three Most used free software. It's correct that it does not lack assets. As a result of this, you will have the ability to manage your library of pictures but also moisturizes your photos, make some special effects and also slideshows. Picasa is a program developed for novice photographers whose goal is to allow them to manage the entire photographic workflow (ranking - editing - sharing). It goes to the category of non-destructive photo editing software Picasa

Meaning the changes made to the image aren't Included from the image itself but in a database. For more information, I invite you to (re) read the article What software to use for photo editing?


Once you set up the application, Picasa scans Your whole hard disk along with the"My Pictures" folder searching for photos. This 1 admits nicely on the wonderful standards of the electronic photo: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF and also the files Raw and PSD. It's more than not bad for a free program.

Once the import is complete, It's possible to specify which Documents to scan at the next opening (Tools> Folder Manager...). Thus, whenever new photos are put in the selected folder, they are automatically integrated into to the photo library.

The identification

Picasa provides three chances to identify his photographs.

1. Facial recognition

In the Beginning, Picasa assesses your photographs and when they have you Or more faces, this application creates a small thumbnail of the man or woman who positions from the People tab (on the left of this screen). Picasa creates as many thumbnails as he sees people in these photos.

At a second step, the user names the people in the Area Provided for this purpose (if it's a person not known to the battalion, we click on the small cross to clear away the surface of the photo library). And here I must admit it is definitely bluffing to see the ability of the applications to comprehend and then group the photos corresponding to the man or woman who has just been called because it has to be said, Picasa makes a relatively tiny mistake. When he doesn't understand, only a little? Orange appears in the very top left of this thumbnail. It's your responsibility to specify whether it's the same man or not. Once this work is done, the identified people are represented as being a thumbnail on the left of this screen.

2. The creation of Important words (tags)

This is the second way to identify his photos. Click on the Photo (s) to be named and then on the icon Display / Hide the tags at the bottom from this screen. Then only enter a keyword (portrait, sport, landscape, animals, night, etc.. ) and affirm with the Input key. The interest of these keywords is obvious: it afterward lets to find in a few clicks that the desired image.

3. Geolocation

Picasa can also display the location of your own images. Two scenarios are possible:

The camera that took the images is outfitted with all the GPS Function (and it was triggered ). In cases like this, there is nothing to really do. A simple click the Display / Hide Places Panel icon (consistently at the base of the screen) lets you know exactly where the picture was shot. It's not hard to recognize the geolocated photos as the thumbnails have a modest reddish pushpin on the bottom right.

The camera that took the images Isn't outfitted with the GPS functionality. In cases like this, it is all up to the user to manually geotag his photos. A simple click on the Display / Hide Places Panel icon and everything that remains is to input the name or address of where the photo was taken.

I specify That It's essential to be connected to the Internet to utilize this function predicated on Google Maps.


The classification is distinguished by the identification By the fact that it is here now to set photos that do not of necessity links. Two options are all possible.

1. The favored pictures

A simple click in your preferred picture then on the star Icon Add/remove a well-liked and presto, it immediately integrates a folder that's automatically created and titled Favorite Photos. An additional click on the celebrity and it is no longer stamped like a popular.

2. The records

That really is just another constant found within this form of software. Now you can create albums to group photos for that exact same project (eg creating a photo publication, a slideshow, a clutter, etc.).

Click on the Create New Album icon (upper left of the display ) Also it's going to appear above the thumbnails of individuals. A very simple click-drag or click is subsequently enough to bring the photos in the newly created album.

I said that photos aren't duplicated on the hard drive. All these are only shortcuts.

Image search

Picasa contains filters and a search box at the top of the monitor.

Filters are Utilised to display favorite pictures and those Containing faces and/or those that are geolocated. It is even possible to filter photos sporadically by moving the cursor to the right (in this instance, only the latest photos appear).

The research field Enables You to search for a picture Corresponding to a keyword or the name of someone. It is possible to do multi-criteria searches. In this case, you just type the first name, and also the next one separated by a distance. You are going to have the ability to find eg photos comprising the keywords"landscape" and"night".

The editing

Obviously, Picasa is not Limited to this sole classification Of your own images. He's also able to edit and improve your own photographs.

A Very Simple Doubleclick on the picture to retouch and then we change To the corresponding work mode.

The available editing effects are arranged on both left and right Grouped with tabs. The editing options are super easy to make use of. It is typically enough to go a slider to dose the desirable effect. Additionally, options such as Auto Contrast, Auto Color or I'm Lucky can maximize the image in one click.

As stated at the beginning of the Report, the modifications made To the pictures are all reversible. The user can cancel at any time that he's done via the Cancel button that carries the name of the last activity completed. This is the major plus of the type of computer software.


Even the photomontages are limited by the creation of pell-mell. To do so, simply select the desired images then head to Creation> Photo Montage. Once the model is established, clicking on the Generate Montage button (in the rear of this screen) will generate a fresh JPEG image. Here and on the modifications are completely reversible.

Slide Shows

Picasa can also be able to produce slide shows. Their Execution is performed exactly in the same way because the pell-mell: we select the photos which will soon be a portion of this video and we launch its realization by the button Produce a picture. Next, pick the background color, font, text color, transition effects, and music that will follow the picture show and click Produce Video to finalize the job.

Those with a YouTube account will enjoy the capacity to produce the slideshow and place it online automatically on the famous platform. Keep in mind that Picasa is a program developed by Google...

The elevation of elegance, it is also likely to use it To assemble your photos at Time Lapse.

And Needless to say, here too, what's modifiable A short while later.

The export

The last stage of the photographic workflow is sharing. Of graphics. Several choices are accessible:

CD creation (Creation> Develop a gift CD...).

Email sharing (E-mail icon at the bottom of the screen). The User then gets the choice between his email management applications (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail...) or Gmail.

Printing photos (Printing icon).

Exporting graphics in JPEG format.

It's only from this instant that the changes which were made to the images are employed.

In terms of regrets...

It is a pity that Picasa does not allow to choose in which Folder (s) will be the images to be integrated at some time of installation of their software. This will avoid needing to review all of to delete all the photos you don't need to see embedded in the photo library.

With the exception of this defect correction instrument (in Retoucher), you will find no localized editing programs like the degraded tool to give slightly bit more light to the heavens.

It's not possible to produce virtual copies. This could Allow such as to make a picture in color variant as well as another in black and white.

The export arrangement is limited to JPEG for photos and WMV to get videos.


If you are looking for software to categorize your photos And for you the photo-editing must be a very simple and fast operation then Picasa is for you. People Searching for Re-touching opportunities a little more Higher level will turn to other applications solutions but they could none the less Install it to appreciate its famous decorative recognition.

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