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Plexiglass Replacement for Your Patio Table Top

Plexiglass Replacement for Your Patio Table Top

When things like these happen, it is just best we replace with another material that looks like glass, but is of course, not as brittle as glass and can last long. The plexiglass sheet is one such material.

What is Plexiglass?

Plexiglass, also referred to as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a type of plastic that is transparent and used as a substitute for glass. This polymer is usually drawn into sheets called plexiglass sheets and used for a whole lot of things such as casting resins, coating materials, manufacture of medical tools, and a lot more.

Although glass is not as expensive as plexiglass  sheet and can be easily recycled, plexiglass is rather sturdier, resistant to breaking force, more stable against harsh weather and erosion than glass. It is also usually more resistant to scratch and impact than glass.

Therefore, plexiglass is often used in a lot of instances where we would ordinarily have expected the glass to be used. For instance, contact lenses used in correcting eye defects are produced using plexiglass. They are more resistant to the sun’s hazardous rays and scratches than the traditional glass used in making lenses. They are also used in making household items such as furniture tabletops.

Patio Table – Well-made Piece of Furniture

Also known as a garden table, the patio table is a part of garden furniture, a special kind of furniture made to be used outside the house. Usually, a patio table is made of durable material and is sturdy enough to withstand harsh elements of the weather and resistant to rust. Most times, it is used when eating outdoors or during a picnic outside the house.

Patio table can be used to host short meetings outside the house; it can as well be used as a family table for relaxation during leisure periods. Because the patio table is always placed outdoors, the materials used in its manufacture have to be weather-proof. They must not give up during harsh weather conditions.

More often than not, wooden furniture is usually the material for making the patio table, but this is rather less than ideal. Materials for making the patio table should not rust or weaken due to snow and thawing. So in more recent times, the patio table is usually made of flexible and lightweight materials that are not prone to rust and harsh weather conditions.

What Can Cause Damage to a Patio Table?

Cold in the winter season usually solidify and expand the moisture in patio table frame and result into the crack. During rainfall, moisture is trapped in the frame, and subsequently, it turns into water after the heat affects it. Water can damage the patio table and have a bad effect on the wood furniture. Extremely cold winds can equally damage patio table furniture.

Salt damage is still another thing that can badly affect the patio table. Salt from lake or ocean that evaporates into the air comes into contact with the patio table frame. Even if the patio is made of metal, salt water accelerates corrosion. Keep your furniture in a place that it will be open enough to sunlight, so it can dry the extra moisture.

Wooden patio table can equally get damaged by mold and mildew when a patio table is placed in a sordid and moist environment. Ammonia water and soap are good in removing these mold and mildew when thoroughly scrubbed.

Usually, when the glass is not manufactured according to the right standards or ones with low quality are used, they can break easily. Sometimes, damages in patio tabletop could be as a result of a long period of exposure to heat or due to accidents.

The manufacturer’s error can be another cause of damage to the patio table. Ordinarily, when the glass is being made, it ought to be annealed, but when rapidly cooled, it becomes brittle and breaks easily. If it is a wooden patio table, long exposure to snow and thawing, sunshine radiation and rainfall can cause the patio table to breakdown.

Why is Plexiglass the Best Material to Replace the Patio Table Top with?

Damaged garden or patio tabletop is best fixed using a plexiglass sheet because plexiglass panel is highly durable, safe to use, lightweight, and cost-effective. Sometimes referred to as acrylic, plexiglass sheet is shatterproof and has a high impact strength such that it can withstand heavy crashes that might likely happen in outdoor environments.

Again, the broken patio table is best replaced using a plexiglass panel because the material is made of sturdy bi-layer glass-like material which offers luster and is weather-resistant.

How to Replace Patio Table Top with Plexiglass

Materials needed: Clamp, plexiglass sheet, staples, screw, and nuts

Step 1: Remove the Broken Pieces

The very first thing to do is to remove the broken or shattered wooden or glass tabletop on the patio table. Start by turning the table upside down to remove the broken pieces. You can use a hammer to loosen the nails from the wood or use the long bar to unfasten the nails from the tabletop and the table frame.

Step 2: Place the Plexiglass on it

At this stage, you need to attach the plexiglass panel to replace the broken tabletop. You can drill holes through the panel and fasten using an appropriately-sized bolt and nut. Do well to add a rubber washer before fastening the bolt into the plexiglass sheet, so it does not shatter if too tight. Never over-tighten the plexiglass.

Step 3: Check for Errors and Mistakes

Look out for edges that were not perfectly welded and ineptitudes in the fabrication of the table and correct. Where necessary, you can use resin gum to fasten the underneath of the plexiglass and joints of the table to strengthen the bond the more.

Step 4: Final Step

Flip the table over again and inspect it. Then allow the gum to dry and clean the surface with a moist cloth before using the table.


Do you have a damaged patio table you’ve been bothered about how to fix? Worry no further. You can replace your broken patio tabletop using a durable and rust-proof material,plexiglass panel. Follow the steps mentioned above and save up huge funds by replacing it with plexiglass rather than fixing your damaged patio table.



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