Presentation of the host Dhaka Colo

Presentation of the host Dhaka Colo

The catalogue of Dhaka Colo is commensurate with the size of the organisation: huge. Allow's move around speedy:
•    domains, e-mails and safety: Dhaka Colo is an accomplice of desire for the purchase of a site name, with masses of extensions to be had at very competitive prices. You can of route companion a messaging provide with it.
•    web hosting: which incorporates web hosting which we can element, in addition to different more complex offers (cloud storage service in Bangladesh, dedicated website hosting) aimed mainly at an informed public.
•    net sites, weblog & e-trade: It gives software answers that meet the desires of internet site introduction. Among them, we can retain in this assessment the WordPress hosting answers that we will detail beneath.
•    advertising & advertising: With a partnership with rankingCoach, Dhaka Colo also gives support solutions in terms of search engine optimization. Those give can be subscribed further to accommodation to paintings for your visibility.
•    Servers & Cloud Infrastructure: those are offers for groups with the finances and the human assets that go with them.

Web hosting


To start with, small precision of significance in comparison to the type of net website hosting: Linux website hosting or home windows website hosting. You will see that 1 & 1 offers each. With the aid of default, it is Linux website hosting. It has to no longer scare you in any way: all hosts use Linux, it's far the running machine that runs net servers, which has no importance or effect on you and your internet site. Do no longer pick home windows hosting because your laptop is going for walks windows! Home windows web hosting is supposed for very specific cases of packages that use technology specific to Microsoft.
Net hosting with the aid of Dhaka Colo is available in 3 offers: crucial, seasoned and expert. Let's see what it seems:
•    critical: this entry-stage offer entitles you to a hundred GB of disk space, 1 area call and 10 mailboxes. It's far sufficient to start interest and host 1 single website online.
•    pro: you go to 250 GB of net area, a hundred mailboxes and get better overall performance. We can let you know more about the overall performance.
•    expert: 500 GB of area, even improved overall performance (drastically thanks to getting admission to to the CDN Cloudflare network), and malware detection by way of SiteLock.
It has to be cited that the three gives allow, in concept, to host as many sites as you desire. However, overall performance can also limit you and force you to pick the superior components.
All Dhaka Colo hotels benefit from excessive availability: geo-redundant connectivity, protection in opposition to DDoS attacks, everyday backup of web area. Too horrific, but, that this computerized backup system has now not been extended to databases. You must, therefore, organize your very own backup of them via following the documentation furnished.
Further, more than 70 packages can be hooked up in 1 click, consisting of the most famous (WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal, and many others.).
Of path, the website hosting remains workable through comfortable FTP access (SFTP): 10 accesses are provided from the essential offer.

This is not stingy with features and the offers are very rich. Zoom on a few tremendous functions:
•    CDN with Railgun: available on the professional offer, and optionally available at the others, It has partnered with Cloudflare to provide its clients get right of entry to its CDN. A CDN lets in you to keep your static files, as an example your photos, on several servers around the arena. While a consumer needs to get entry to the image, the geographically closest server will respond. The advantage is twofold: quicker show time for him and fewer assets consumed to your web website hosting.
•    Wildcard SSL certificates: blanketed on all Dhaka Colo website hosting gives, the Wildcard SSL certificate secures your complete area, i.E. Subdomains protected. As a consequence, all of the URL addresses that you could create will be secured in HTTPS.
•    SiteLock: available on the expert offer, and non-obligatory at the others, SiteLock analyzes your internet site each day to correctly discover safety breaches and viable threats. It is a precious tool that permits you to save you rather than cure with the aid of keeping off any malicious activity on your web page (defacing, data theft, spam ...). It also lets in you to combine the security label into your website to indicate that your web page has been analyzed and does now not present a vulnerability, that is probably to build the self-belief of your traffic.
•    Git and SSH: the maximum knowledgeable customers will appreciate the presence of the version manager Git, and that of an SSH shell access for a more sensible control of its net area and its packages.
•    Programming surroundings: builders might be satisfied with assist for Perl, Python, Ruby, and of direction Hypertext Preprocessor, the version of which is manually adjustable. Note also the pre-installation of Zend Framework, or the possibility of scheduling cron tasks.

Accommodation prices

Dhaka Colo desires to convince you and places the assets into it. As a special offer for all new clients, they provide web hosting at € 1 consistent with the month before tax for six months for the important and professional gives, and € 1 in line with month for 365 days for the pro provide. Suffice to mention that the seasoned provide, at this fee, definitely makes you want to try.


The overall performance of internet hosting has a direct impact on the proper functioning and reaction instances of your web site. An underperforming host has every danger of losing its customers. Dhaka Colo understood this well and imagined an overall performance stage mechanism to meet the needs of all websites. Reasons.

Every level is associated with:
•    RAM: that is the maximum quantity of RAM that can be used concurrently through PHP strategies. Sincerely, all the reminiscence that your website online can consume (except for databases).
•    strategies according to the minute: this price indicates what number of personal home page approaches may be processed on common consistent with a minute without waiting for instances or without tactics having to be stopped due to an execution timeout. This, therefore, offers you an idea of the range of page views in keeping with the minute that your site can acquire, due to the fact on every web page regarded, there will be a PHP system done.
•    memory limit: most memory that can be used by each Hypertext Preprocessor technique.
A way to interpret this information? In case you are not a laptop scientist, check with the web page profiles cited by way of Dhaka Colo on this photograph and notice which scenario you're in. Level 1 overall performance ought to be enough in maximum cases. If unsure, pick out stage 2 and be quiet. Ranges three and above must only be essential in very particular cases.
However lower back to our sheep: what's the hyperlink between our three accommodation offers and overall performance stages? The subsequent photograph will enlighten you:
•    critical provide: there may be no related performance degree. Let's say that it is stage zero. You may eat as much as 512 MB of RAM, but this is extraordinarily little. Further, no indication is given of the burden capacity (a technique in step with minute). In other phrases, do not expect wonderful performance. But, a performance level may be ordered as an alternative.
•    pro provide: performance degree 1 is related via default. Both 2.Five GB of RAM and 300 methods per minute (five in line with the second), sufficient to host software like WordPress or any dynamic web page in superb situations. If important, it is feasible to order a higher stage of the carrier without converting the offer.
•    professional offer: performance degree 2 is related by way of default. Or 6 GB of RAM and six hundred strategies in line with minute (10 consistent with 2nd). You could, therefore, host a very popular site or a particularly heavy software like Magento. If you need even more strength, you can of the route go for a better stage of performance.


First of all, to avoid any confusion, the Dhaka Colo website hosting offers are ALL like-minded with WordPress. Which means that you may without difficulty set up tier 3 data center in Bangladesh, manually by FTP or the use of the Dhaka Colo application installer.
With this in thoughts, it has created a variant of its web website hosting range, entitled "managed WordPress website hosting". Please observe that the offers have the same name (crucial, seasoned, professional) which could purpose confusion.



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