Pressure Washing Market Niche

Pressure Washing Market Niche

Those working with a high-pressure cleaner should not overlook the hotel's exterior cleaning niche. Many five star hotels spend a lot of money to make sure their land is cleaned thoroughly. There are also many regular hotels that are proud of their hotels. It would be advisable to have a personal sales letter and / or brochure made specifically for this type of service with tracking information on their website.

Our company created a special website to cover concrete cleaning and supplemented it with direct sales for concrete cleaning jax in the hotel. We have cleaned hundreds of hotels and golf courses. Customers who have a pleasant experience at a five-star hotel are three times more likely to return. A recent article in Hospitality America surveyed 20,000 business guests and found that cleanliness only came second because of the # 1 reason for frequent hotel rates. First impressions are of course important. What does a customer see as he approaches his hotel? These are items that need to be clean and free from birdwatching, dirt or debris and mud.

Consider for a moment everything that needs to be cleaned? Signage, transportation, covered entrances, corridors, patio and pool areas, valet areas, buildings and trash are areas that must be clean at all times. When making a direct sales presentation; Look around. Are vans and buses dirty? Are there stains on the windows? Are there any wear marks around the luggage area and fingerprints on the chrome handles? Is it exterior dirty with mud and exhaust stains behind the wheels? Are the tires bright black and the tires spotless? Does the chandelier light up when the light hits it? When was the last time you grew?

Are there bird poop on the signs, grease stains in the parking lots, gum on the sidewalks? Are the patio areas stained and the awnings full of mold stains? The hotel manager should know that your business can help you attract regular customers with a regular maintenance program. Customizing your services to your needs should be your new specialty.

In addition, you will also have to deal with some other issues, for example, our company holds $ 2 million insurance, offers free estimates, and maintains a mobile wastewater permit for runoff from wash water to storm drains. Your machines should be silent, your uniformed crew and your team so nice that your buses will be seen when you start.

In the pressure washing industry, it is very important to know how to repair the equipment and try to do as much as possible. Let's face it, the most powerful forces in nature are water erosion, heat and pressure. It is exactly what goes through your computer every time you turn it on. It may be necessary to remove the coil due to freezing or cleaning the soot. This can be done easily, but it can be a very complicated job. Follow these steps:

You must disconnect the hose from the pump leading to the inlet of the coil on the pump inlet side.

Then disconnect the electrical connection to the thermostat

Then remove the quick coupler from the outlet side of the coil and remove the burner assembly from the combustion chamber.

Also remove the three 3/8 inch bolts on each side of the coil and tank assembly. (These screws attach the tank to the unit's chassis) * The models from previous machines have several screws.

Disconnect 1/2 inch pipe nipples from the inlet and outlet sides of the coil. (Some machines from previous models have an elbow, usually also a 1/2 inch tube)

Remove the top tank wrap that exposes the coil and insulation. (Vertical coil units rise in the sky direction)

Remove the bobbin. (It will be heavy. You may need a cherry picker, a belt and a large bolt chain.) Be sure to replace broken or broken insulation

Place the coil on the grass and blow it up

To reinstall the coil, you need to reverse these steps. Be careful when packing the insulation again as it may catch fire; If you have done so, it is not fun to see how your equipment is burning.

High limit hot water thermostat

For safety reasons, each unit is equipped with a high limit contact switch for surface sensitive hot water. In the event that the water temperature exceeds the predetermined operating degrees, the high limit control switches off the burner until the water cools. When your water returns to a safe operating temperature, it automatically resets, if not, is defective and needs to be replaced. The thermostat is located on all machines outside the coil housing on the coil outlet or outlet side, thus measuring the water temperature as it is discharged from the unit to the pressure hose. If this thermostat unit fails, buy a new one. The list price is between $ 35.00- $ 60.00 depending on the manufacturer. Some can be adjusted from 100 ° to 220 ° F. They cost more. You need a game at 180º F, 185º F, 190º F or 195º F. Permanently. Personally, I like 190º F, but you can choose what you like best.


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