Products description of Maglite S2D016, Vamp IR551LED and Maglite ST3D016 torch lights

 Products description of  Maglite S2D016,  Vamp IR551LED and Maglite ST3D016 torch lights

Maglite S2D016

 Maglite S2D016Maglite S2D016 is a model of led flashlight simple to use and very powerful. This model comes with a spare bulb to limit the risk of looking elsewhere if the original bulb breaks or no longer works. The bulb of the lamp is Krypton and it is possible to proceed to a power increase of 60% through its Xenon Magnum Star II bulb. This allows you to always have a level of lighting adapted to your needs.

The lighting is an adjustable beam to optimize your comfort of use. The finish of the lamp is impeccable and very resistant so that you do not worry that it breaks if it slips by chance from your hands. The lamp works with standard alkaline batteries that are easy to find. This model can operate with a battery life of 10 hours to allow you to be free to use it for a long time and to provide spare batteries when you estimate that this time will soon be over.

The flashlight is perfectly waterproof and you can use it in the rain or a damp place without any risk that it is damaged if it slips from your hands. Therefore, this model is the one you need, if at this moment you still do not know how to choose the product that suits you among the best-LED torches of 2019.

Good points Replacement LED Bulb: Here is an option that is not found on all LED torches. This comes with a spare bulb housed in the rear cap. In case of failure of the first, you will not be out of the light bulb.

Of great strength: Like the other models of the brand Maglite, it is made of very robust aluminium, and does not fear splashing water.  

 Negative points value for money: The torch light price in Bangladesh is considered quite high for a 19 Lumens LED flashlight.

Vamp IR551LED

 Vamp IR551LEDVamp IR551LED is a model of rechargeable led torch which guarantees a perfect lighting quality and always adapted to your needs. This flashlight has a very powerful LED bulb providing a long range of lighting without consuming a lot of energy. This product is used in industry, craft, camping or domestic use in a home. This is why this model is still included in a comparison of LED torches made available to the general public.

Vamp IR551LED is rugged enough and highly resistant to shocks and weather to allow you to use it in summer and winter without any risk that it easily damages underwater, cold or heat. This flashlight comes with an external transformer and a cigarette lighter cable allowing you to easily charge it at home, in your car or your boat.

This led flashlight is very lightweight is limited to 581g only to facilitate its transport wherever you bring it. Its dimensions are 17.8cm long, 10.5cm wide and 14cm high, indicating that the lamp is compact enough to make it easier to grip. Moreover, this model has the characteristics of the best rechargeable flashlight on the market.

You need a powerful lamp but you still do not know which LED flashlight to choose? Have you ever considered the Vamp IR551LED? It is a light, professional-quality lamp that emits a very powerful light.

Good points Resistant: With an IP20 degree of protection, this lamp will be able to withstand splashes of water, weather and shocks.

Professional quality: The serious and reliable design of the Vamp IR551LED will be suitable for professional use.    

Negative points Finishing: It does not give an impression of solidity, and yet it is.

Maglite ST3D016

Maglite ST3D016Very elegant view from the outside and powerful enough in the lighting, Maglite ST3D016 is a model of a led torch with exceptional design. Very elegant black colour, the finish of this lamp is perfect and the material that constitutes it is very robust to guarantee you a durable use over time.

The flashlight is accompanied by an LED bulb which ensures a better diffusion of light at the area to be illuminated. Its lighting system is an adjustable beam to allow you to adapt it to your needs and the intensity of light you need to see the object or place to illuminate. The unit works with 3 easy-to-find standard alkaline batteries so you do not have to worry about heaven and earth to find them.

Maglite ST3D016 has a battery life of 79 hours allowing you to use it for a long time without any risk that it will lose you quickly. This model is capable of lighting up to 364 meters which is a long enough distance so you can have better visibility from near or far. This flashlight is perfectly waterproof so you can use it even in the rain without any risk of damaging it. The features of this model indicate that it is the best long-range flashlight on the market.

Comparing different brands and models of LED torches on the market helps to determine the ideal product. In this process, you will probably notice the ST3D016 brand Maglite. This 131 Lumens LED flashlight has already satisfied a large number of customers.

Good pointsIntensity of light: With a luminous intensity of 131 lumens, this LED flashlight can illuminate up to a distance of 364 meters.

Solid: Maglite's products are among the most reliable and strong LED flashlights. The ST3D016 is no exception, the interior and exterior are made of anodized aluminium, and the switches resist corrosion.

Autonomy: Despite its high power, this LED torch consumes little energy, and the batteries have a longer life (estimated at 79 hours in continuous use).    

Negative points delivered without batteries: It is a pity that the batteries are not included in the pack. In the opinion of some customers, Maglite could have made a little effort on this point.


I am Mashfiq Ahmed Masum. I live in Bangladesh.

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