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Pull My Tooth or Save My Tooth? What Should I Do?

Sometimes in life, we come across this really difficult situation to choose between pulling off our teeth or thinking of saving it! Continue to read about what happens if you choose to save it or pull it off! Here in detailed information will help you to make your decision easier and cost saving.

What happens if you consider saving your teeth?

  • Natural teeth support:

The natural teeth are stronger than any other. They function better and are easy to take care of. Technology and modern procedures can do wonders, but it still can’t beat the strength that natural teeth carry. It’s also necessary to stay your teeth and taste happy to get better eating experience in your day to day life. Because as we know, artificial can never beat a natural thing.

  • Maintains your natural young look:

When you pull your tooth, you also pull the roots of the tooth that gives strong support to them. With that, the gap in the bone that surrounds the bone can collapse and that makes a person look older. So that its important to check your teeth once in a Quarterly Or monthly.

  • Makes you feel confident:

No tooth means a visible gap that can ruin your smile. This creates a negative impact on your self-confidence. It is easy to say or imagine pulling a tooth, but it can adversely affect the way you smile appears. So always keep a smile on your face.

  • Gives less pain:

When you consider not pulling off your teeth, it also saves you from a lot of pain. When the tooth remains in its place, it can be treated with root canal. The pain can immediately be eliminated with injections.

  • Saves Your Cost:

Any given day, pulling your tooth will always be costlier than fixing it. The tooth replacement can cost more money and time both.

Sometimes, it is difficult to save a tooth. Infections and decay can be challenging in nature for the tooth. No doubt at that time the human nature thinks of pulling the tooth is a must and they assume that through this pulling they can get away from all their pains but actually it does not goes the same at the end, So then you should choose the root canal as a dental treatment. The root canal is the treatment involves:

  1. Cleaning the inside of the tooth.
  1. Removes infected interior pulp.
  1. Natural tooth is filled with some substance for protection and providing strength.
  1. Once done, your tooth can function naturally.


Not just this, root canal treatment also removes the pain with less recovery time.

What happens if you decide to extract it?

  • It is preferable to pull your tooth, but only when you choose tooth extraction as the dental treatment. Extraction is required when your tooth is cracked.
  • If your tooth has gone weak, then it surely needs to be pulled.

Wants an Expert Opinion to Choose Whether to Go for Saving The Tooth Or Pulling The Tooth?

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