Reasons to Pack Your Bags for the Delhi to Jaipur Tour

Reasons to Pack Your Bags for the Delhi to Jaipur Tour

Some travellers claim that Jaipur was disappointing to them at first glance. Grasping for breath within the firm grip of modernization and dusty air, Jaipur is the gateway to Rajasthan. It is also the obligatory first stop of the Golden Triangle of North India. An initial glance of the place doesn’t allow you to believe that far-sighted Maharajas of the eighteenth century built it. It used to be the first urban grid of India in those days. Yet, after spending a short time in Jaipur, everybody falls in love with it. Here are some reasons why you should undertake the Delhi to Jaipur Tour.

  1. The palaces to see on Delhi to Jaipur Tour: During the Delhi to Jaipur Tour, you will find yourself standing before palaces and floral-painted mansions. Instead of gawking at them, you should check them from the inside out. Most of the former strongholds are now regal hotels. If you choose to stay in one of them, you will feel like those Maharajas who inhabited them. Jaipur has other attractions as well, but many people visit the Pink City just to live like kings for once.
  2. The forts to witness on Delhi to Jaipur Tour: The Jal Mahal is a perfect pavilion of love, and it is nothing more than a pit stop. From there, you make your way towards the Amber Fort, which is a massive set of fortifications. Don’t forget to ride an elephant which will take you to the Amber Fort from the Jal Mahal. The battlements are thrilling enough to make anyone swoon. Also, the Jaigarh Fort and the Nahargarh Fort are miniature representations of the Great Wall of China.
  3. The handicrafts to marvel at on Delhi to Jaipur Tour: Jaipur earned its reputation as being a premier of gem cutting. The Old City’s Johari Bazaar is the best place to compare the value of glittering rocks right on the street. Of course, some people don’t wish to risk their money on such purchases. For them, there is a local clothes company known as Anokhi. It is at the suburban industrial zone of Sanganer. The Museum of Hand Printing is also at Sanganer, and it is where you can obtain safe but equally dazzling Rajasthani specialties.
  4. The calendar of festivals unfurled at Delhi to Jaipur Tour: When summer arrives, you can see red turbans, tattooed brides, twirling moustaches, and painted elephants everywhere. It marks the commemoration of Teej, a festival where the natives celebrate the union of two deities, Shiva and Parvati. Another form of excitement fills up the air during winter when the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival starts. It is currently Asia’s most prestigious celebration of both international and local writing.
  5. The Heritage of Delhi to Jaipur Tour: It is best to start the exploration of the Old City arranged by Jaipur Virasat heritage foundation. You will gain exclusive access to the shops of artisans and temples. The Hawa Mahal is also something which no one should miss. Once a home for the harem, it is now a civic emblem. While dodging cows, camels, and their droppings, you may find yourself in back-alley bangle bazaars or open-air shops of brass-workers.

The flavour of India revealed in Delhi to Jaipur Tour

The first sentence of this topic is quite off-putting. Many travellers who visited Jaipur said the same when they first clapped eyes on the city. Once they completed their explorations, all of them swore to come back. Everyone who explored Jaipur thoroughly said that the authentic aroma of India lingers in the air of this city.

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