Review About Redken Extreme Strength Builder

Review About Redken Extreme Strength Builder

hi everyone so today I'm going to write about my favorite deep conditioning mask at the moment this is the red can extreme strength builder. This has raved about there is one called extreme strength builder plus.

 If you are following me for any length of time you might know that I am fond of changing my hair color and I've put it through a lot in the past year because I have died at lash it's been processed it's been bleached I've on British I've dyed it myself. I have been to the hairdressers I've completely put my hair through. hair-brained and I just want to talk to you a bit about it so that's a bit of background on my hair it is highly processed as I said has been bleached I use heat on it I no heat.

 This is a to get into the product anyway basically it is a strengthening hair mask . it has protein in its protein treatment so protein kind of works to build the hair and resurfaces it from within will it start.

 It resurfaces the hair cuticles and this product in particular works from within the amino acids and the Dean's work to resurface the hair and what does and that's why now it works the protein gets to work on we care and tries to rebuild us from the inside out.

I tried this out on the recommendation of my hairdresser there I have the shampoo conditioner of this as well and I like to use them all together this treatment, in particular, you are going to use this for would say when you washed and could wash some conditioner hair you mean to dry your hair towel dry your hair and put this in for five to fifteen minutes.

so you get out of the shower to do your bits around the house or whatever and back in and rinse it out now when I use it I like to put it in my leave us for anywhere from five minutes to half an hour I'm not sure if that's good or bad but, that is what I do I presume the longer you leave it in the more it's getting to work and getting into the root of your hair like right into the follicles.

That is what I do when it's it's recommended to use it for between 5 and 50 minutes texture wise it is a kind of thick creamy kind of substance so that is what it looks like as you can see I am about halfway down my table this is 250 and think it's 250 mils yeah 250 mils this will last for ages because you don't need a lot because it is so it's so thick and creamy you don't need that much of it as you can see it is thick so that is what it looks like.

Here I share you some key feature:
• Repairs dry and damaged hair
• Increases manageability
• Adds extra shine
• Provides an intense fortifying solution for your distressed hair

 If used too much so I want to use this once a week and the difference I've noticed is it is astounding when I first started using it.
 It was kind of directly after I owned braids my hair and I knew it was brittle I could see it breaking and snapping off and I knew I needed a protein treatment because there was it was like all the life had just been pulled for my hair.
technically I suppose it was because when you bleach your hair you're taking everything out of it so basically it was just dead hair is dead anyway but there was a big difference between bleached hair.

Natural none processed hair so for processed hair bleached hair distressed weak hair I wonder same I don't think it's, as far as I know, you can't get like a high street friend of like a regular supermarket brand of protein treatment protein treatments are quite as you couldn't as you could tell it's they're quite expensive because there is a lot of good ingredients really good ingredients in this product.

This product is excellent to repair your dry and damaged hair. Redken extreme strength builder provides a fortifying solution for distressed hair. Its available ingredients like protein, lipids, and ceramide make your hair stronger and promote growth.

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