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Rise Your Business With Animated Explainer Video

Over the last few years, you might have seen a large shift in the growing marketing tools. A lot of these tools have become so popular and credible that every marketer today would like to opt for these. What makes such marketing tools so trendy? Well, the answer is simple, it’s the whole package that they offer. One such influential marketing tool is an explainer video.

Even though you might have heard the term many times, ever wondered what exactly it is? To be precise, they are short animated videos that narrate a brand or product story in less than a couple of minutes. These videos are quirky, engaging, catchy, interesting and full of attractive, eye-pleasing visuals. Not to forget, these videos are educational and informative too. They are said to have induced the need for your product and convince the audience why your brand is the best alternative out in the market. 

Such marketing videos produce brand recognition for you. They generate and present the spirit of your brand. Going by the facts, if you have an animated explainer video attached to your website then there are chances that users or the audience would spend extra time on your website. Hence, it is very important that you choose an effective animated explainer video company.

An animated explainer video production company can offer you promotional videos that are relevant to your business. After all, it has been a human tendency that people process visuals faster than any form of the content. Videos obviously do that very well. It’s not just about these psychological facts, but they do really work wonders for any marketer if provided by an adequate production company. 

When we consider this form of promotional content, they are perfect for those zones of business where it is hard to exhibit and to sell an item through different kinds of marketing and promotion tools. It is your video that will be customized and shall focus on clients' issues, advantages and the need. Hence, your business will automatically be noticed with the amount of visibility that this marketing tool will provide to you. 

If you are still not convinced, here are some advantages that come hand in hand with video content for your business. 

1. Triggered Conversion Rate 

As per various surveys, more than 80% of the audience is bound to purchase an item that is well-displayed via video. This means increased sales and happiness all around! 

2. Enhanced Google Rankings 

Google is fond of video content. Yes, it is. Thus, if you have an explainer video attached to your website, then congratulations, you are bound to be positioned on Google's initial pages. Even the first page. That really sounds like a deal.

3. A Pretty Perfect Pitch 

There's nothing more regrettable than presenting a very laid back, not so convincing pitch to your investors, partners and even your clients. However, animated explainer videos don’t fail to surprise even here. Use an animated explainer video in your pitch and rock any deal with it. It has been proved that an explainer video makes any pitch lively, hence stoking your investors.

4. Shareability

Isn’t it cool that your pitch, your brand story or your product video is so engaging and visually pleasing that it’d be shared by people on various platforms? Explainer videos give you that brownie point. There are platforms like YouTube, Vimeo that offer to share it to crisp audiences. 

5. ROI

Production companies can deliver animated video production services at nominal prices. However, there are companies that can overcharge you. But all you gotta do is choose the right kind of video and the right kind of company that delivers the entirety of your brand or product story and gets you higher sales.



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