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Siemens WM14N200FF and Samsung WW ninety K 6414 QW Washing Machines Review

Siemens WM14N200FF and Samsung WW ninety K 6414 QW Washing Machines Review

Siemens WM14N200FF: the fine midrange


With its washing potential of eight kg, the Siemens washing laptop is ideal for a family with one or two children.

Without a miracle, it gives a pleasant result in phrases of washing quality, but it is especially at the time of rinsing it performs feats: with its five levels, it permits rinsing laundry extra or less in-depth. People with sensitive pores and skin can opt for the most thorough rinsing and put on garments that do now not irritate them.

It's spinning pace of 1400 revolutions/minute offers a pleasant result, but we nevertheless recover a cloth too moist so that it can dry quickly.

Energy-efficient, with a common consumption of 0.94 kWh, Siemens is also not water-hungry: it is geared up with a sensible 3D sensor machine that allows it to calculate simply as a whole lot water intake necessary in the drum relying on the load and the kind of textiles it detects.

On the other hand, it is not comparatively cheap in decibels, in view that it shows a sound degree of 54 dB in the washing segment and seventy-five dB in spinning. But overall, it is the only component we have to blame him.

This washing desktop has an awesome wide variety of precise points: it has an intuitive electronic LCD control panel, is effortless to function and provides a fantastic range of facets and programs, along with one for the ideal processing of technical textiles. Not to point out the large plus: the induction motor in the drive, guaranteed ten years.

In the end, with this model, Siemens approves households to find the money for a washing machine very complete, an exact bill, efficient, and for a low priced price.

Samsung WW ninety K 6414 QW: the mid-range alternative




This Samsung washing machine desktop belongs to the Addwash series, launched by using the manufacturer in 2015: every mannequin of this range has a hatch on the porthole that allows including laundry once the cycle started, and without opening the door.

With a washing potential of 9 kg, this computing device is suitable for giant families or humans too busy the week to do their laundry.

The Samsung washing computing device performs a high-quality washing, even if, like the other models, it does not overcome the most rebellious stains such as wine or lipstick.

But when it comes to rinsing the laundry, it marks a faultless! With five levels of rinsing, it is set with the aid of default on level three: for humans with sensitive skin, it is the degree 5 that have to be chosen to limit the threat of irritation.

Spinning at 1400 rpm is no longer perfect, but efficient adequate to grant a low damp material at the end of the cycle.

Although it has a massive washing capacity, the washing desktop consumes solely 1.05 kWh in everyday mode, 0.4 kWh in eco mode, and 0.01 kWh in the categorical program.

It uses between 6.1 l / kg and 17.5 l / kg relying on the program, knowing that the degree of rinse 5 consumes twice as a lot of water as degree 3.

Although this is no longer its biggest asset, noise is also no longer a fault given that the system shows a sound volume of 45 dB during the washing section (which is excellent) and sixty-six dB in spin (which is is pretty ok).

With Smart Control technology, this washing laptop can be remotely managed the usage of the Samsung Smart Home app. An on-hand function when you prefer to begin a laundry simply earlier than leaving the office.

In summary, the Samsung 90 K 6414 QW is a model that combines many features whilst providing a superb quality/price ratio. This is the best system for households who want to equip or replace a washing computing device out of carrier barring investing too an awful lot of budget.



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