Did you know that Spanish is spoken by 12.8% of the population of the United States? This is due almost exclusively to the high immigration from Latin America. Spanish translation for these Spanish speakers has become commonplace.

Progress of the Hispanic community

The fact is that Spanish continues to grow among the American population. Spanish has become the second most used language in the country. In 2013, there were 52 million Hispanics in the United States, 50% more than in 2003, and the figure is expected to triple by 2050.

Not all are immigrants or descendants of Hispanic immigrants, but the importance of this community has greatly influenced the rest of the population, including the media and administration. It even weighs on the country'spolitics. There are now more Hispanics in the United States than in any Latin American country except Mexico.

Necessary translation into Spanish

Businesses and the administration wishing to address this community all go through the translation intoSpanish. Politicians themselves use the translation of their programs and communication from English to Spanish. New York City Council has translated its website into Spanish and the federal government uses translators in Spanish.

We hear Spanish in all major cities and integrated Hispanics can even take courses to improve the language of their ancestors. On television, popular programs are broadcast in Spanish, in Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Chicago or New York. The importance of Spanish speakers forces companies and administrations to adapt. It is not uncommon to see translation agencies that, in the USA, specialize in Spanish translation.

Some tips if you use a Spanish translation firm :

  • Tell where your documents are for translation. This can change the Spanish variant to use
  • For the same reason, indicate what these translations will be used for
  • Make sure the agency selects a translator from the country to which you are targeting your communication
  • If you are targeting the American Spanish-speaking community, remember that most are of Mexican descent
  • A Spanish translator living in Spain does not necessarily know the variants of Latin America, just as a French translator does not know well the French of Quebe
  • In the video below, import-export experts tell us about the opportunities but also the difficulties to predict in its economic relations with the Spanish. Metallurgy, chemistry, agri-food and bio-industry are the main growth activities in northern Spain. Unfortunately, red tape is still present in the Hispanic kingdom.

    Facilitate exchanges through Spanish translation

    It will therefore be necessary to optimize communication and understanding with its Iberian interlocutors through a quality Spanish translation. Our translation company can take care of it for you. Whether it's for your documents bound for Spain or Spanish speakers from America


    Advantage to legal translation

    The proliferation of cross-border trade and the import-export of services and goods naturally affects the translation needs of companies. The texts intended for the communication of a company with its customers are most obviously concerned. However, as France Inter points out, international litigation and more broadly legal translation represent a huge market for translation firms. Among the most translated legal documents are:

    Contracts, Terms Complaints procedural documentation,


    The mass of these texts is constantly increasing and requires specialized or even sworn translators. This type of document has the distinction of not being able to be translated in any way by an automatic translation, which is not the case for some less sensitive texts. Translation agencies or freelance translators must therefore be guarantees of quality for the client.

    Translation agencies need to transform themselves

    Globalization is the playground of a translation agency. Its acceleration ensures a good development, provided it is reactive, at the service of the customer and able to adopt technological developments. This requires the transformation of the role of the agency. A translation company will increasingly become a technology company. The agency must succeed in erasing in favor of the relationship between the client and the freelance translator. This is a significant challenge for the sector, as it is in all service sectors.

    • other acts to be translated as a legal obligation.

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