Straighteners - Buying guide, Grading, and Tests in 2019

Straighteners - Buying guide, Grading, and Tests in 2019



Your dream is to have the best straightener, but you miss the time to consult our comparator with all the selected products? Here are two models that are as innovative as each other. At first glance, L'Oréal Professional Steampod 2.0stands out for its professional result quality as well as its revolutionary steam technology that takes care of your hair. Otherwise, the Remington S5525 is also a good alternative option thanks to its optimal heating power and modernity.


How to choose a good straightener?


Today, we no longer need to spend astronomical sums to have smooth hair through straighteners. So, given the fact that the market offers a very large panel of straighteners, you have to learn how to buy a hair straightener for better value for money. With this shopping guide for the best straighteners, you will know how to choose the straightener that will satisfy you best.



Purchase guide


The power and practicality of the device

If you want to make a good deal in straighteners, our first tips will help you to check the power and practicality of the straightener you are interested in. Subsequently, the choice of design can be easily done.

Generally, the straighteners have power between 500 and 2500W and the more a model is a power, the more options it can offer; therefore, the better he could serve you.

So, if you have fine and normal hair, a hair straightener with a power between 500 and 1000W could be suitable for you. However, if your hair is thick or wavy, rely on a model with power between 1000W and 2500W, because then, the choice in terms of temperature will be wider.


In addition, you should also check the practicality of the device, because it would be a shame to opt for a hair straightener difficult to handle. For that, you will have to see closely the time it takes to be ready, its weight and its technology.

If you are often in a hurry, rely on a powerful model, able to start a few seconds, which is light and above all, which enjoys the ionic function so that your hair remains quiet after smoothing.



The versatility of the device and the nature of the plates

When you have finished checking the power and practicality of the device, you will now have to see if it is versatile. Know also that a hair straightener versatile can smooth all kinds of hair and can also curl and waving as needed. Table especially on a versatile model if you need to save money, but choose a simple straightener if you only need to straighten your hair from time to time.

For plates, make sure they can take good care of your hair so do not In any case, ask yourself what you really need before making your purchase. In this way, you will not regret it in the near future and you will make an excellent investment.



The accessories delivered with the device and the other options to consider

Before wasting time looking for where to buy a new hair straightener, it's good to know that going to a price comparison website will save you time. However, before embarking on this adventure, check the accessories delivered with the hair straightener that interests you.

This is mainly to check if it comes with a protective cover. Regarding the other options to consider, it is mainly to check if the device has ion technology or steam technology. As a reminder, Ionic technology avoids frizz and steam technology avoids damaging your hair.


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