Subtle signs your partner is cheating!

Subtle signs your partner is cheating!

Subtle signs your partner is cheating!

When it comes to cheating reminiscence is everything! Under the light of truth and honesty, signs of cheating are visible all the time but we often miss them. When we are in love, we often neglect the subtle hints that come to us in the form of physical or emotional changes. And it is when we can see through these complicated changes with open eyes that we can make through the truth. 

Cheating is always a secret. And the fact that your partner is making all possible attempts to keep it one can make it difficult for you to read through. If you are deeply in love and trust your partner, overlooking the obvious signs is normal. But sometimes reading through the subtle hints can help you find out the truth. Here are some subtle hints of your partner cheating on you!

Unpredictable change in schedule

Pretty much everyone has a set schedule for their days. And knowing your partner’s schedule comes as an obvious part of the relationship. But if your partner has been making too many changes to their schedule lately with no credible reason to buy – it’s a warning sign. Of course, there are days when the schedule gets unpredictable. But the frequency of these unpredictable days decides if there is something wrong or not. If you find your partner changing schedules too often you should keep an eye!

They become suddenly unavailable

Network issues, meetings, out of coverage, etc can be possible in the era of the internet for a while. But again, if the change is for too long hours and too many in the days later that you struggle to connect to them during the day – can be a sign to worry about! Consistently finding your partner unavailable is a red flag sign!

Increase/decrease in sexual desire

It’s common to find cheaters indulging in less of sex at home when they are getting it somewhere else. But sometimes, cheaters tend to increase their frequency of sex at home out of guilt. And be it too much or too less, the change is always evident to the partner. If your partner has been changing patterns of sexual indulgence, demanding too less or too much in bed – it is probably they are changing their sexual life that you are not part of.

Change in phone habits

In this digital era, connection happens at the speed of the internet. And it is evident in the ways one stays online or offline on their phone. If your partner is lately too involved in their cell phones or keeps it away from your site too often – it is a sign of cheating. Most cheaters keep their phone screens locked or hidden from their partner to save from being caught. If you constantly find them talking unusually or texting too much – it’s time to check! If you doubt your partner of cheating, you can hire a private detective agency This way you can find the actual reason for the strange behavior of your partner.

They are getting attentive to their appearance

People are generally open to their partners when it comes to changing looks or making changes to their lifestyle. But if you find your partner focusing too much on their looks with no apparent reason its time to take a dig. Shopping too much, more visits to the salon, wearing too much cologne, etc can be the changes that are readable easily. Consider making sense of the situation and find out reasons for this change.

They have no time for you!

The time that you have been spending together, is now compromised to spend with someone else. And cheaters get better at it with each passing day. If your partner isn’t spending enough time around you lately, they must have been spending this time with someone else. It is best to talk out to them about their whereabouts and know where they are spending their time.

Reasons for your partner don’t add up!

Your partner may say one thing to lie to you a day and on the other, it might not feel true. Lies are often hard to keep as people tend to forget the reasons they gave for their lies. And it is here where a cheater can be caught easily. If you constantly see your partner giving explanations that don’t come to be true at a later stage – it’s a strong hint that he is lying to you for hiding something.

Defensive actions

When a cheater is asked or accused of them cheating it is common of them to accuse you in reaction. Your nagging about time, behavior, etc can put them off on a defensive mode. And when you accuse them of cheating they might just react differently to accuse you in return. It acts as a safety shield for them to counter accuse you or question your behavior in return.

Asking too much about your whereabouts

A cheater needs to know about their partner’s schedule and timing to make their plan full proof. And it is but common to find them questioning about your timelines, when you will be at home and when not. This gives them the flexibility to plan their meets according to their freedom. Cheaters work hard to save themselves from being caught. If they ask you too much about your timings – it’s a warning signal.

Loss of connection

The first thing that changes when a partner cheat is your relationship with them! The spark that put fire on your relationship is often missing even when you are together. If you are constantly cribbing on not finding that connection with your partner – it’s because that spark is getting lost.  The love and affection that they truly showered on you have been losing its value and it shows in everything you do together. Loss of spark in a relationship is a red flag!

Subtle signs of cheating in a relationship that is going sour are evident at all times. It just takes a truthful dig into the facts to open up your eyes and understand that in fact, your partner has been cheating on you. Read through the signs to know what the truth is!


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