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Sunknowledge: The Ultimate HME Billing Solution

Working for more than 10 years, we Sunknowledge Services Inc a next-gen medical billing solution has set a benchmark for most of the leading healthcare providers in the country. Offering a complete pre and post billing services, our team helps in delivering heavy lifting works that improve the cash flow in the long run.

Why we are the best HME billing operational extension?

With in-depth knowledge about billing, coding, collection our resources are equally well versed with the immediate industry mandates ensuring lesser denial and faster reimbursement. Assuring 80% operational cost reduction, we are the only RCM offering pre-billing services. Practicing proper doctor office calling and follow up as well as patients calling for the need of relevant documents during the authorization process, we have the highest first-pass collection rate of 97%. Our 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing and coding process lesser denial and rejection along with the proficiency in different industries standard and billing software such as Brightree, SOS, Futura, Prime Rx, OPIE, DME works and many more make us unique and healthcare providers more focus on patients care and other important administrative aspects. In fact, we are the only RCM that can meet and beat any price in the market.

Offering standalone/end to end services at 2.75% of collection or $7 per hour, we excel in providing:

Our Pre-billing services-

  • Order entry (patients, providers, insurance, items, etc)
  • Eligibility verification (both online, calling)
  • Prior authorization with patients calling and doctor’s office follow up for relevant document needed for the process
  • Re- authorization
  • order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of delivery

Our Post billing services:

  • Claims management
  • Rejection management
  • Payment posting auto (with and without audit as well as manual)
  • Account receivable follow up
  • Account receivable and denial management


Our additional benefits:

We are the RCM that takes extra initiative for end to end additional support activities for CPAP compliance. This includes activities that involving patients counseling calls, tracking and even contracting the patients. In fact in order for better collection, we take efforts in increasing the compliance rate from 40% to 80%. Contacting and advising noncompliant patients and compliant patients and providing appointment letters, scheduling an appointment with doctor’s office and contacting ordering physicians with compliance reports all is done by us. This does not end here, resupply order calls (to patients for confirmation requirement) and even hold (eligibility, auth, ins. change, manual hold etc) is also part of our job.


Other salient features that we have for CPAP compliance support by reaching out to:

  • Existing CPAP users regarding supplies if eligible
  • Existing diabetic/incontinence users regarding supplies if eligible
  • Previous patients regarding CPAP supplies and DME products
  • New leads regarding CPAP supplies and DME products
  • Constant support through easy access and availability of managers/resources over Phone call/video conferencing / screen sharing
  • Work assignment and management via MyForms
  • Manage/index documents via an applicable document management system

leverage all our benefit along with a no binding or no lock-up policy and see how our no cost 24*7 dedicated account manager along with robust reporting helps you ease your pain point for HME billing. With the highest productive metric and with more than 100 satisfied clients, we are the one-stop destination for all your HME billing services.

So if you are still worried about your HME billing problems, call us over a 'no commitment call'. Our expert will cater support that not only meets your billing requirement and industries mandates but we will also beat the price offered to you along with revenue generation.



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