Taxi or cab accidents | Who is responsible for an accident?

Taxi or cab accidents | Who is responsible for an accident?

Taxi and cab refer to the same medium of transportation. Both are classed as public hire vehicles. In many countries, people try to avoid driving in crowded areas. Most of the people prefer public transport. It’s easy for them to move from one place to another without getting fear of stuck in a traffic jam and without parking problems — the countries where vehicles have low prices, approx. Every person wants to buy a vehicle. This increase in the purchase of vehicles can put a load on roads which costs much in term of traffic jams and parking.

According to a survey, more than 185000 people get injuries due to road traffic accident. Due to the high increase in the vehicle, people prefer to use public transport. In developed countries, public transport provides more facility and are more secure than privately own vehicle.

As you know, the maintenance of cars also requires a huge amount. Most of the people don’t have time and extra money to maintain their vehicles. In other words, public transportation in some countries is cheaper than owning a vehicle. This is the reason due to which people prefer public transport such as minicabs or taxis.

Due to various reasons, the taxi drivers didn’t follow the instruction and traffic rules and caused accidents. For example, to pick up the next customer or passenger, the driver might break the law. Traffic rules are made to control traffic and to prevent accidents. If a person disobeys the rules, he might involve in accident. In which he can injure passengers, pedestrian and other vehicle’s driver. If as a passenger you are riding in the cab, and you get hit by a vehicle. You can claim compensation according to the injury and suffering.

What are the common taxi accidents?

Various types of road accidents occur in daily life. Sometimes, the driver of the cab is liable while in other condition, he might be innocent. It depends on the scenario and the cause of the accident. Cab or taxi accidents might include passengers, pedestrian, and drivers. Injuries that occur due to the taxi accident might range from moderate to severe. Furthermore, in some worse cases, passengers or victim can also suffer from a disability are maybe dead.

Hit and run accident

Hit and run accidents are different from other road accidents. These accidents are more severe than other simple road accident. The culprit usually run due to fear of getting caught or due to prison escape. A person who is involved in criminal activity escapes from the accident place. Even, if the driver who ran away after getting hit, a vehicle ran away, he will be assumed as the culprit. Because he left the other injured person on the road without knowing his condition or without calling the medical staff.

Pedestrian accident

Cab accident can also occur with pedestrian crossing the road or walking on the sidewalk. If the pedestrian is hit by a taxi driver, he can claim compensation against the insurer of the taxi driver.

Injuries to passenger

If a cab hit any object or another vehicle, the passenger sitting inside the cab might also get injured. Further, the passenger can get injuries due to collapse and sudden decrease in the velocity. If a passenger is not wearing his seat belt, then he will still get the compensation. However, 25% of the compensation amount will be deducted due to the negligence of the passenger.

Collision with another vehicle

A cab or taxi might involve in an accident and can collide with other vehicles. If the accident occurs due to the mistake or negligence of the taxi driver, then he is liable for all the injuries and suffering. However, in some cases, a cab can collide with other vehicles due to the negligence and careless driving of other vehicle’s driver. This scenario is completely different from the first one. If the other vehicle’s driver is responsible, then he will pay the compensation to all the injured persons in this accident.

Claiming compensation

To claim the compensation, the victim can seek the help of personal injury solicitor. Personal injury solicitor usually helps his client in all the possible ways to win him a handsome compensation. He can visit the accident area to get the evidence. He can also arrange meetings with an eyewitness to record their statements.

Personal injury solicitor Bolton can also help the victim by estimating the damage. In the compensation amount, you can also include hospital expenses, medical expenses, travel expenses, general damage, physical damage, and psychological damage. After completing the necessary work, the solicitor will send them legal notice of court hearing.

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