Searching for another 4K TV with an additional turn? All things considered, if you are keen on having an immediate association with the insightful aides that populate the gadgets of the remainder of your home, for example, Alexa and Google Assistant, and take the picture past the screen, this Philips 32 inch LED tv price in Bangladesh " The One " can stand out enough to be noticed. Particularly since its value is 800 euros in its 32-inch model, wedding an incentive for cash hard to coordinate in the market. Particularly since there are no more brands that exploit Philips Ambilight innovation. 

We have had the option to test this 32-inch model for a few days. What's more, here we are going to mention to you what his five keys are with the goal that you know him direct. A decent method to comprehend what are the qualities with which it contends in the market of LED savvy TVs with 4K goals. 


It is, at last, the present standard of utilization. Furthermore, there is as of now a great deal of substance accessible at this goals 4K. Without a doubt the motivation behind why you choose to make the jump to this TV. Both the Netflix arrangement (on the off chance that you pay for the arrangement that incorporates it), as YouTube recordings or even computer games as of now have multiple times more detail than FullHD content. That is a sum of 3840 x 2160 pixels to show everything in 4K without sawtooth or obscure. 

This, obviously, in a board of type LED LCD, that is, fluid precious stone showcase with LED lighting. An innovation with specific excellencies, for example, staying away from imprints or follows on the screen. In any case, the fascinating thing is the remainder of the picture improvement innovations that are remembered for this group of Philips TVs. 

Among them, the Micro Dimming Pro stands apart, which guarantees that the picture is enlightened by zones. Progressively nitty-gritty lighting forestalls picture deformities, for example, blossoming or flashes, and accomplishes more noteworthy differentiation for the picture. They are likewise perfect with various kinds of HDR, for example, Dolby Vision and HDR10 +, which are the greater part. So the subsequent picture is considerably more point by point regardless of whether there are many light and dull. No startling motion picture shows a dark spot when there is a dim scene: inside blacks, you can see unmistakable subtleties on account of this innovation. 


It is as of now basic in Philips TVs. A separating brand that has figured out how to not exclusively be an excellent capacity, yet to go with the reason. If you don't have any acquaintance with it, I as of now reveal to you that it is tied in with presenting LED lights that task hues equivalent to those of the picture that is being seen on the screen yet on the divider behind the TV. Something like light projectors that figure out how to extend the size of the picture past the edge. 

Right now has Ambilight 3, which implies that it incorporates three groups of LED lights: on the sides and the top. Because of the processor that incorporates the TV, it can dissect the shades of the picture and take them, progressively, to these little spotlights. The outcome is astounding and striking. The general inclination is that the picture leaves the casing, even though on the off chance that you turn off the lights in the room it likewise serves to make air. 

Be that as it may, be careful, the thing doesn't stop there. This framework can be synchronized with Philips HUE bulbs that we have in the lounge or different rooms, so everything looks similar hues and simultaneously. What's more, not just when pictures are shown. There are additionally approaches to exploit these lights when you play with the support or to move to the beat of the music you play on the TV. Coincidentally, it doesn't make a difference that the divider behind your TV isn't white, the Ambilight framework is coupled and shows the comparing shading with the goal that you see the ideal picture. 


To bounce to a 4K TV is to consider what's to come. What's more, if you change from a 4K TV to another one, you'll know the significance of rescaling. What's more, until all the substance is created and sent in 4K, you need to pull picture preparing. Right now, depends on its P5 Perfect Picture Engine. An instrument that demonstrates its value by having the option to make bigger, or appear in a bigger number of pixels any picture without disfiguring or weakening it until its deformities are seen. 

The rescaling is done investigating outline by the edge of everything that arrives at the TV. It doesn't make a difference on the off chance that it is the TV signal in SD or HD, or that it is the FullHD that radiates the normal consoles. Furthermore, the equivalent on the off chance that they are recordings through the pen drive or hard drive or Internet gushing. Everything is prepared, dissected and improved to be shown in 4K without losing the point of interest. 

Something to which all the picture improvement advancements referenced above are included, which are additionally moved by this P5 Perfect Picture Engine. It is the cerebrum of everything and has dissolvability for this and substantially more. Furthermore, it is additionally liable for recognizing what gadgets you have associated with the TV, having the option to distinguish a video reassure, a Blu-Ray, a sound framework ... with the goal that hopping between these sources isn't a wreck of association names. If you interface a PlayStation, this Philips TV will show you the PlayStation source, and not the HDMI2, for instance. 


One more of the extraordinary excellencies of this TV is to have the Android working framework. Android TV, to be progressively definite. This implies, similar to any Android versatile, you will have available to you a decent number of assets, applications, games and administrations accessible to download and use on the parlour screen. It fundamentally implies approaching the Google Play Store to download applications, for example, YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Prime Video ... yet also games to appreciate games like Angry Birds. In any case, there is more. 

It is additionally a keen TV since it has its capacities, for example, recording content on USB or hard drives. Or then again have a shrewd menu that adjusts to the substance you see. Or then again have aides that assist you with associating the TV to the Internet and numerous other additional highlights that different TVs don't bring. 


What's more, the associate goes the thing. To the standard knowledge of these Philips TVs, we should include the Google Assistant, which is completely coordinated. Indeed your The One TV has an uncommon catch to summon it. What's more, it is additionally perfect with Amazon Alexa to oversee associated gadgets. 

Simply utilize the remote control, with its amplifier button, to state the expression that wakes either associate and request that they accomplish something. Interestingly, not exclusively will they give us data about the climate, they will explain questions via looking on the Internet or they will reveal to us who is the on-screen character who has our head-on, we will likewise have direct activities on the TV: cut back the volume, change the channel, bounce to each other application ... Also, much more, if we have other shrewd gadgets associated with the home WiFi organize, for example, HUE bulbs, savvy plugs or even the clothes washer, we can ask that they are enacted from the family room. All with straightforward voice directions.


I am Masum Hossain. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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