Outside of jokes, having more space for more battery is very noticeable in this mobile. And I suspect that using predominantly the small screen instead of the large and flexible one is what ends this experience. But I have spent almost two days without having to charge the mobile. And I am a very intense user. Of those who use applications with geolocation, a lot of screen and RAM resources, games and others. Something that in a normal mobile with a large battery gives me just to survive the day. More than enough for an average user. But considering that I constantly send WhatsApp messages and I also make a lot of Instagram use, several hours a day, the fact of having 10 hours already in use in the Galaxy Fold and having 15 more autonomy is, at least, surprising.


And there is one more important point to discuss this great autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. And it is that in this terminal the option of sharing battery makes sense. Transforming this flexible mobile into a charging station is not a definitive solution to give battery to your friends' mobile, but to forget about carrying items such as the Galaxy Buds headphones from AKG that are included in the mobile package. You know that wherever you go, and how you go, autonomy accompanies you. And this is something I did not enjoy on mobile for a long time. But if you are a normal user, without being so intensive, you will enjoy it even more. In this section are all advantages.

As a curious fact, it must be said that the battery of this Galaxy Fold arrives distributed in its two halves. Two loading elements that have their own work systems, temperature control, capacity, and performance to function as one and safely. A total of 4380 mAh that is actually distributed intelligently and take advantage and give a lot of themselves if you do not abuse the flexible screen.

Load sharing

Now, I have also noticed that the consumption of the Infinity Flex Display, the flexible screen, is notorious. With demanding titles such as Call of Duty Mobile you can lower a few percentage points if you are very addicted to the game. But if you only play a few games throughout the day you can breathe easy.


There is another virtue within this Samsung Galaxy Fold that has powerfully caught my attention. And it is the appearance of sound. Something that is really enhanced with two side speakers that help make the sound not only powerful but also surround and quality. This, every time I have seen a chapter on Netflix with the screen displayed, it has made me realize that having a folding mobile phone may have more reason to be than I think. Not only for the sound but for the full experience it can offer.

Eye to sound

Without headphones, you have stereo input sound, with two speakers on each side, powerful and well defined. The music sounds really good. And of course, it brings Dolby Atmos technology to get power and enveloping feeling without any headset. That said, during my games and my series has been the ideal complement to an image with great contrast. It also has improvements such as Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus to reproduce quality sound. Of course, all this may have to do with the absence of a tight body that protects it from dust or water. But to enjoy this sound again without wearing headphones (server has small ears and tiquismiquis for depending on which headphones) is a success. Since you're going to have a big cell phone in your hands, don't miss anything.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the phone of the season for the public and, above all, for critics and fans. And we expected a renewal of the mobile concept capable and powerful for a long time. A commercial version that showed that the advances on the screen would not only be in surprising prototypes of phones that one day we will carry rolled up in our pocket or as a bracelet. And Samsung has managed to do it in a really natural way thanks to a robust design and mature software. Going from using a small screen in which you carry out all the tasks to a large interior for specific moments of detail is logical, convenient and can help eliminate products that make less and less sense: tablets.

Box contents

The design of this Galaxy Fold meets and is replenished by the news of premature breaks. It is durable, and quality. With materials and finishes that have nothing to envy to other Premium phones. This Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh is still outstanding. But yes, this first concept of flexible mobile comes without any protection against water or dust. And it is a requirement that today is already as standard in virtually all ranges.


Its flexible display shows quality images, although we are not accustomed to the glossy finish and the somewhat more plastic touch of the finish. But the resolution, how it shows the colors and the contrast of the AMOLED panel is undeniable. Of course, we also face a smaller viewing angle, with the details of the fold coming out if we move the screen, or with the touch of the slit when we pass over. But this is what flexible screen technology has: that the screen bends and "wrinkles" remain. Nothing that breaks the experience of habitual use or the quality of the contents. It is a mature product, although the first version of this mature product.


All this without losing a bit of solvency, with enough power to move any application and game of the moment on one screen or another. Even taking multitasking to a new step without disheveled. And not only that but using the larger mobile concept itself to introduce a good battery and multiply autonomy. And with a photographic section that meets as its brothers Note 10 with the high standards of the industry. But does all this make it the mobile of the year? Is it a must?


It is for those who want to feel part of the technological history as was the launch of the iPhone or the first Samsung Galaxy S. For fans and technology geeks. And, yes, for those who have a negligible figure of 2,020 euros to spend on their hobby.


Now, not even the first iPhone cost the equivalent of what this Samsung Galaxy Fold is worth. And it's nothing that another device can't do. But the next step of mobile convergence. So is the progress made worth it? This already depends only on the pocket and the rush to enjoy the next technological milestone of each one.

Samsung Galaxy Fold pack

Of course, after a week of use, I made my own wish list for the next version of the Galaxy Fold. And I would start with a somewhat larger exterior screen that takes better (more) advantage of this entire front. In this way, it would be more comfortable to use for any day-to-day task, such as writing a message, and would continue to leave the flexible screen as an option for detail or enjoyment of leisure.

Posts to ask would ask you to lose weight. Of course, I would add the IP68 certification. And it is that mobile so expensive can not come protected today before everything that can touch it. This week I enjoyed without fear of its use, but the mental security of knowing that not a drop is going to spoil it is priceless.

I would also look for a new location for the fingerprint reader. I have barely used it thanks to facial recognition, which is agile and safe. But it does not hurt that it is a useful tool if it is present in the device. Perhaps in the future, the advances allow us to introduce it on the flexible screen.

Samsung Galaxy Fold case

Finally, I would also change the format of the flexible screen. After years of getting used to panoramic screens, it is proven that returning to 4: 3 is not ideal for social networks and other content. Maybe a little more width to the folded terminal does not feel so good, but a flexible widescreen will lead to avoid many of the problems of formats that I have encountered in this week of use. Mind you, none that makes the experience impassable, but I do wonder if this outlay for not enjoying excellence in all sections is really worth it.

Now I just look forward to what feedback Samsung gets and what they decide to change. And it is that this first commercial approach to mobile smartphones has served to recover the surprise factor and the illusion to discover new mobile formats, after a few years of the monotony of design in the industry. Without a doubt, a very good job by Samsung.



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