The Best End Mills For Aluminum Are Online at Online Carbide

The Best End Mills For Aluminum Are Online at Online Carbide

End Mills that can handle the unique conditions Aluminum present are not easy to find. Once found, they can be prohibitively expensive; unless they are from the folks at Online Carbide. They manufacture the Best End Mills For Aluminum in North America.

What Makes Online Carbide’s End Mills the Best?
There are many tool manufacturers out there and it can be difficult to determine which manufacturer to choose for a vendor. It’s much easier to decide when Online Carbide is brought into the mix. Online Carbide manufactures their tools in the United States. For many machinists, machine floor supervisors, and production managers this means a lot. It means the tools are built to the highest standards on the planet. Offshore manufacturers don’t put the time and materials into their products like Online Carbide and there are a lot of tool sellers who buy their inventory from Chinese or Indian factories and re-label them to appear to be American made. Don’t be fooled by these cheap imitations. Online Carbide puts 10% Cobalt Micrograin into their raw steel stock to increase its strength and longevity. Then they place finishes on their tools that improve the cuts and extend the life of the cutting surface.

End Mills for Aluminum That Leave Clean Cuts
Aluminum is a difficult metal to fabricate properly. It heats up differently and can cause chips to bind up in the End Mill reducing efficiency and creating extra burrs that have to be removed from the workpiece. Typically, there are four areas where End Mills for Aluminum must be efficient - keeping Aluminum chips from adhering to the Mill, dealing with the abrasiveness of the Aluminum being machined, not chattering while working, and getting rid of the chips so they don’t build up on the workpiece. The engineers at Online Carbide have solved these problems with their Three Flute 37° Helix with ZrN-coated End Mills for Aluminum. ZrN is the acronym for Zirconium Nitride which is a hard ceramic coating that extends the life of sharp edges.

The Right Sizes to Get the Job Handled
Online Carbide manufactures their End Mills for Aluminum in the following sizes:

  •  1/8th inch
  •  3/16th inch
  •  1/4 inch
  •  5/16th inch
  •  3/8th inch
  •  1/2 inch
  •  5/8th inch
  •  3/4 inch

*All Online Carbide End Mills for Aluminum are 3 Flute 37° Helix with ZrN coating.

Saving Customers Money and Time
The folks at Online Carbide know their customers are busy people who don’t have time to go searching for the best prices on the best tools. The best resource today to find products quickly is the internet but that doesn’t guarantee you’re going to get the best deal. Unless you go to and take a look at the products and prices they have on their website. The prices are great because Online Carbide sells factory direct to their customers. That means the prices don’t get marked up another 40% to 50% or more by tool retailers or distributors. With the wide selection of tools available at Online Carbide’s website, there really is no need to go anywhere else.

Sweetening the Deal
Online Carbide doesn’t stop at low prices to help customers, they also offer Free Shipping on orders over $250. Most orders ship out the same day they are received. Customers who have questions or require further information can get ahold of a customer support expert by submitting the inquiry form on the contact page of the website or they can send an email to [email protected] Customers can also speak with a support expert by calling 630-238-1424 between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday Central Standard Time.

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