The Difference Between Custom-Made Servo Stabilizers And Ready Made Stabilizers

The Difference Between Custom-Made Servo Stabilizers And Ready Made Stabilizers

Servo stabilizers are the most sought-after power conditioning products and find widespread use in quite a few residential apartments, independent homes, companies, and factories. Their capability to handle inconsistency in the current-voltage (input voltage) and offer a stable output voltage has found buyers from almost all sectors, namely schools, hospitals and other important infrastructure across the country.

Given the current demand for servo voltage stabilizers in the country, the markets are flooded with readymade and custom-made products that are easily available for purchase from dealers. But what is the difference between the two and are they worth purchasing? In this blog, we shall see the difference between a readymade and custom-made servo voltage stabilizer.

Readymade servo voltage stabilizer

If you search the internet or perhaps an industrial directory for servo stabilizer dealers, you’ll end up with a huge list. Most dealers you come across would probably sell readymade or secondhand servo voltage stabilizers.

A readymade servo stabilizer is usually manufactured based on a standard prototype. These standard servo voltage stabilizers are programmed to suit the requirements of any electronic device used especially at home or in companies. Likewise, it is at your discretion whether to purchase a readymade standard stabilizer or opt for something specially manufactured to the match the voltage supply of your electrical appliance.

When must you purchase a readymade servo stabilizer?

If the electrical appliance you are using doesn’t consume much electricity, you can purchase a standard servo voltage stabilizer. For instance, a television set, oven or refrigerator at your home requires a minimum power of 120 to 130 volts to run operate efficiently. In this case, you can
purchase a standard servo stabilizer which offers an output voltage of 340 to 460 V.

However, it is recommended to purchase any servo stabilizer only after consulting a credible dealer. This is because a dealer will know your exact requirements and suggest you a servo voltage stabilizer of a different sub-standard.

Custom-made servo voltage stabilizer

Many heavy electrical appliances and machines in a factory run on high electricity. The maximum power required to operate such heavy-loaded industrial machines is approximately 60 to 80 kW. Any drop in power consistency can impact the operational cycle and outcome of production. Hence, to make sure power is consistent throughout the process, it is essential to install a servo voltage stabilizer offering an output voltage at least above 1000 V.

Since industrial machines have different power requirements, it is essential to custom-make servo voltage stabilizers from credible dealers. A custom-made servo stabilizer consists of special features and protection in the stabilizer as per your requirement.

Challenges from installing custom-made servo stabilizers

While installing and using a custom-made servo stabilizer(s) in a factory or site, it is quite common to face some abnormalities. Some of the common abnormalities are listed below:


  • Fluctuating voltage
  • Over Loading
  • Harmonics and spikes
  • A rise in high temperature

However, these issues can be resolved by adding additional features to your servo voltage stabilizer. You can request your manufacturer to add features like:


  • An internal pass system
  • Surge and spike suppressing accessories
  • Single-phase prevention and phase reversal
  • High or low cut off with electricity overload protection
  • Auto-resumption handler
  • Inbuilt alarm for abnormalities

Surge and spike suppressing accessories safeguard the machine against power surges which are usually caused due to damaged circuits. In addition to this, you can also have an isolation transformer installed alongside a servo stabilizer to provide full protection and render seamless
machine operations.

Purevolt is a renowned supplier and manufacturer of servo stabilizers in India and across the globe. They not only deal with the manufacturing of servo voltage stabilizers but also provide other offerings like an isolation transformer, automatic voltage regulator, sine wave inverter,
a solar inverter, variable autotransformer.

All their power conditioning products guarantee protection to industry-based machines and other small electrical appliances.

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