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The Effectiveness of Promotional Videos On Social Media

Promotional videos for business are crucial in communicating various topics, ideas, and opinions to the many viewers that visit these websites on a daily basis. For the visual learners, it’s much more feasible to absorb information through this medium, as opposed to others such as academic articles or books. It’s easier to disperse large quantities of information in video format, while also covering the main points in a shorter amount of time. 

From a business standpoint, the flexibility of video mediums is so convenient because many topics can be targeted simultaneously. Online video production has become the staple for a number of marketing campaigns. It’s one of the many ways of communication that can have a lasting impact, as opposed to anything else that would normally be transcribed. This method of branding and marketing is coinciding with the rapid progression of digital media in today’s world in more ways than one. Promotional videos for business help various companies garner notoriety as well as their presence in the community and online. More presence means more recognition, what follows is a boom in revenue and in credibility. 

Online video production has a competitive edge, in that, it creates a plethora of positive reinforcement for companies and their clientele. These kinds of videos go above and beyond in showcasing the efforts and reputation of the companies. For instance, if a client wanted to know about the products/services that the business has to offer, a promotional video can not only explain what the products are, but they can even incorporate segments of testimonials from various satisfied customers. Generally speaking, people may be more inclined towards the products and services if others have spoken on the benefits that they have garnered from it.

This method of communication transcends beyond business outlets. Promotional videos for business can also help enhance the reputation of a city, local community, sports teams, etc. If the city of Miami released a promotional video in support of the Miami Heat, not only does this entice sports fans, but it can broaden the horizons of those across the globe or some who are indigenous to the area already. This is just one of many examples of how promotional videos can help in putting big cities or states on the map and at the top of the charts for potential viewers. It’s a medium of communication that many of us are familiar with, many even prefer this method for the exchange of information.

Chief among promotional video platforms, Youtube is and will continue to remain a powerhouse on the internet for years to come. The free reign of control in terms of the kind of content that is published opens the door for up-and-coming content creators who are looking to promote themselves and their brand. Youtube is undoubtedly an ideal platform for online video production. It’s a platform that is business-oriented and it does the utmost to serve the needs of promotion for the content creators. Youtubers rely heavily on ad revenue as a means to generate income for the content that they publish. While ad revenue is one of the main sources for their income, the dialogue, and kind of content that is put out will ultimately make or break their notoriety. Many of these creators promote their brand in every video released. Selling merchandise is another method of garnering revenue. The viewers have easy access to purchasing the merchandise, especially if the said user has created a website to sell and distribute the products for their viewers. 

Another way that YouTubers promote their brand is by collaborating with other like-minded creators who want to achieve the same goals on this platform. It can prove to be especially helpful in cases where a bigger channel is collaborating with a channel that is significantly less popular. Both parties involved are reaping the many benefits that are coming their way. 

For the select few who garner recognition outside of the online platform, many YouTubers will and work closely alongside major clothing, technology, and other big businesses. If it’s a channel dedicated to men’s fitness, that creator may promote workout equipment in a video per request of the company involved. For the channels that promote cooking, they may endorse various pieces of kitchenware and appliances in their videos. Sports channels can endorse products that their favorite athletes utilize. The possibilities for endorsements are in abundance, as there are always companies looking for ideal candidates to represent all of their product lines.

Youtube is the most quintessential example of a prestigious video platform. However, this concept exists universally across all social media platforms as well. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, easily promote businesses and individuals on a daily basis. The beauty of it all is that anyone can achieve this because there isn’t one concrete way of promotion. The platforms function to serve the users that use them. If someone wanted to post daily Facebook videos promoting their photography company, no one can dictate the frequency or kind of content that is posted by this user. The user has free reign to promote and publish as they see necessary. 

Online platforms allow for creative freedom, and it would be a hindrance if users needed pre-approval before publishing their posts on their accounts. The presence of the companies and the individuals that represent them will continue to grow, as long as the creative freedom is not repressed. If such an event were to occur, dissipation amongst the masses would start to go into effect. The method of promotion right now seems to be benefitting many who are involved. Any change that could hinder this in any way, would only seek to hurt these individuals instead of helping them. It’s hard to fathom that these methods could potentially undergo a drastic change for the foreseeable future. Some change is imminent, while anything more can be both excessive and detrimental to the foundation of the businesses. 



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