The Ideal Outsourcing Solution Dealing all Your DME / HME Billing Problems

The Ideal Outsourcing Solution Dealing all Your DME / HME Billing Problems

The DME billing process is very different from any other category of medical billing and coding process. In fact, working on the HME/DME billing domain is no easy task, as it requires in-depth specialized knowledge of all HCPCS Level II codes. Furthermore, inaccuracy in the DME/HME billing can lead to hours of rework and delayed accounts receivable and also complex reimbursement; which is another challenge for in-house staff handling the DME / HME billing. This is why healthcare providers find outsourcing as a more convenient solution for their DME/HME and other medical billing processes.

Outsourcing your medical billing not only provides you with high-quality services and more time to focus on your core competencies but also helps you address other issues like staff wages, benefits, infrastructure, etc.

But the real challenge of outsourcing is finding the perfect operational extension with qualified professionals that help you in denial management and get your claims out of the door in an efficient timely manner. Though today most of the healthcare providers are into outsourcing which guarantees a better ROI, there are few of the important points that one need to keep in mind:

  • Experience resources with excellent industry references
  • A complete HIPAA compliance
  • Cost-effective
  • Collection and accuracy rate

Focusing on managing data, prior authorization, claims, and denial management Sunknowledge Services Inc a 360-degree outsourcing medical billing company, today, is serving most of the leading names in the industry. Leaving you to worry less about security issues Sunknowledge is a complete 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance. Freeing you from endless medical billing responsibility specially in the HME billing domain, as more than 50% of Sunknowledge’s works are involved in this domain, Sunknowledge offers complete operational transparency. With experience proficient staff handling all major practice management/ billing software like Brightree, Team DME, CPR+ HME, Futura and many more, we also have the ability to offer assistance in any client proprietary platform.

With more than 100s of satisfied clients for our unique medical billing approach in both pre and post billing requirements, Sunknowledge is the one-stop DME/HME destination. With excellent industry reference, our experts not only focus on offering a seamless operation but also an effective way towards financial upliftment.

Ensuring a tailored customized approach, we ensure a positive conclusion for all our clients from the 1st day itself. Partnering with us will immediately result in an increase in your collection by 80%, within the first 30 days itself by getting your prior authorization accurately approved by us. In fact, for reducing complex DME/HME prior authorization Sunknowledge has expert resources and a proper authorization platform that focuses on closing all the authorization gaps faster and effectively.


Offering an 80% operational cost reduction, our experts also work on speeding up your claims processing and protecting reimbursement as well. With the highest productivity metrics, Sunknowledge Services has the benefit of offering standalone/end to end billing services only at $7 per hour, which includes:

Pre billing services:

  • Order entry (patients, providers, insurance, items, etc)
  • Eligibility verification (both online as well as calling)
  • Prior authorization with patients calling and doctor’s office follow up for relevant documentation that needed for the process
  • Reauthorization
  • Order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of the delivery

Post billing services:

  • Claims management
  • Rejection management
  • Payment posting auto (with and without audit as well as manual)
  • Account receivable follow-up
  • Account receivable management and denial management

Ensuring 99.9% accuracy rate in the billing process along with clean claim submission, maximizing the revenue generation our experts help healthcare providers focusing on other important aspects like patient care.

So if you need help having conversations knowing about our other benefits, Sunknowledge Services Inc have been providing an incredible service since 2007. We are just a call away!

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