The Manual “The Secrets And Techniques Of Sports Activities Pictures”: Action, Emotion, Technique, Fabric By Way Of Mickaël Bonnami

The Manual “The Secrets And Techniques Of Sports Activities Pictures”: Action, Emotion, Technique, Fabric By Way Of Mickaël Bonnami

 Do you like sports, sports images, and dreams of making beautiful snapshots yourself without knowing the way to do it or with what equipment? In "The secrets of sports images", Mickaël Bonnami, an expert photographer, offers this photographic discipline to you and gives you his advice.

 The sports activities picture, the practical manual


 I do not gift the collection " Les secrets and techniques de la photograph de ... " via Eyrolles, every quantity addresses a particular photographic area, it is written via a specialized photographer and is full of advice.


 This series is regularly supplemented with new subjects and brings collectively works that regarded formerly outside the collection, which was the case with the previous work on Eric Baledent's sports photo relationship from 2013. This time it's Mickaël Bonnami who sticks to it by using imparting us much more than a simple update. This is a new e-book, in line with the collection, with a mile extra pleasant layout and presentation.


 I will no longer summarize right here the whole lot that you'll find inside the e-book, the summary underneath is there for that, however, I would like to spotlight a few points that struck my attention.


 I failed to realize Mickaël Bonnami earlier than Régis Moscardini from Auxois Nature informed me approximately it at some point in the recording of the podcast in which he interviewed Mickaël.


 When I obtained his e-book in the latest days, I became right away struck by the foreword wherein the author tells us that it took four years to decide to write an e-book on sports activities photography. Not due to the fact he failed to understand what to mention, however, because he did not understand how to say it.


 I observed this transparency vis-à-vis the reader for the duration of the work, whether sentences here and there as these inserts in which Mickaël Bonnami tells us an anecdote (that of page 64 which issues his intervention in the course of a rugby suit is excellent!).


 This transparency, which I would without problems describe as honesty toward the reader, made me much extra.


 I mention it due to the fact some professional photographers now and again lack humility and within the field of recreation, it's miles possibly a bit truer. To examine the words of a pro who does no longer hesitate to inform what has not labored for him, his failures, it's miles enriching.


 Mickaël Bonnami found out from his mistakes, he writes it down and that, within the end, is what he invites you to do all through the e-book.


 I also preferred the truth that the author does now not just speak of "the simplest recreation he would photograph in everyday life", however, that he deals with all sports. Whether it is indoor, outdoor, sea, mountain sports activities, simple competitions or international occasions is thrilling for numerous reasons:


 this suggests you that you can take images today even if you do now not have a press card and credentials,


 it also suggests that with work, you can develop and come to be pro (the ultimate bankruptcy offers with this subject, using the way).


 Obviously, for the duration of the book, you may discover which digicam and which lenses used depending on the situation (the most luxurious and the largest isn't always necessarily essential), you'll understand all of the settings to apply, and you'll see that the post-processing of your pics must admire certain regulations so that your pics are accepted by using agencies (in the great of cases) or that they meet a success of esteem at the web.


 Before quoting the contents of the e-book, I draw your interest to the introduction, a bankruptcy that we pass too often. Take the time to examine it, reread it, and learn it employing heart because this might be where the strongest words of the e-book conceal, people who make you appreciate the author (I do not conceal it) but which additionally mark you (you'll understand why):




 the traits of a sports photographer


 Sports photographer's equipment


 Settings and shooting techniques


 Photographing sports outdoors


 Indoor sports activities


 Promote your pix


 Profession sports photographer


 My opinion on "The secrets and techniques of sports activities images" through Mickaël Bonnami


 Whether sports activities pictures fascinate you or no longer, if you need to recognize what this photographic subject is, what it implies as private investment and what it can convey to you, I can most effective recommend you to read this e-book.


 You will analyze lots of guidelines and find out very useful practices for your private use (who has now not photographed a sporting occasion in which children or grandchildren live?).


 You will also discover a particular discipline of images, on hand to all, that could get you out of your day by day train.


 You will discover, finally, that an amateur can, through hard paintings and courage, develop to the very best level, and this is legitimate for you too.


 Needless to say, the 23 euros it will cost you to get this book is a better investment than the modern-day latest gadget…

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