The Perfect DME Prior Authorization Destination you Need to Know

The Perfect DME Prior Authorization Destination you Need to Know

With ever-changing regulation, authorization method the DME prior authorization is becoming more and more complicated day by day. However, PriorAuth Online powered by Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help you with all prior authorization problems.

Offering you one-stop DME prior authorization destination starting right from sharing/collection of information detailing for medical necessity, including back and forth communication with important documents as well as doctor’s office follow-up, patient calling contacting the insurance and also updating the outcome in PM/ billing system of the client; PriorAuth Online has it all covered.

How PriorAuth Online is Beneficial for your DME Prior Authorization?

Only Solution for All Your DME Prior Authorization Problems at one roof - PriorAuth Online is a web-based authorization platform, that focuses on the interplay of standards and operating rules in close the authorization gaps faster and efficiently. Taking care of all your DME prior authorization initiation, approval and follow-up; in PriorAuth Online we take care of everything for you so you can focus on what matters to the consumers in your clinic or practice.

With robust reporting according to the client’s protocol, payments posting, denials are been reviewed and old claims are taken care of PriorAuth Online experts take care of it all front/back end work with ease.

Time and Cost Saving Operational Extension - The first reason for outsourcing your DME prior authorization is time. As time is money, the healthcare provider understands that the training time that healthcare providers will need to spend at seminars and classes will not result in maximum productivity. Instead, they will suffer losses for taking care of other benefits like employee wages, perks employment insurance etc. This is why outsourcing is much more convenient as healthcare providers just have to spend on their work and not in extra training costs; thus, proving a faster and cost-effective solution.

In fact, partnering with us will help you run your organization more efficiently with a full staff without having to close for training purposes or work with a smaller team on training days as our experts are regularly trained and updated.

Increased in your Accurate Rate with Highest Productivity Metrics - PriorAuth Online for a decade now is known for its 99.9% accuracy rate, prompt payments and customized report resulting in reduced denial and rejection rate. in fact, knowing the appropriate codes for the individual products and insurance carriers that get you the approval you need to receive your payment fast, PriorAuth Online ensure doctor office follow-up and patient calling; which no other RCM organization offers.

In fact for a successful DME prior authorization, our expert:

  • Gather vital information on medical procedure, patient, and provider
  • Verify and validate prior auth request with effective payer side communication
  • Check the patient’s eligibility
  • Initiate the auth request based on the payer mandates
  • Checking the auth status
  • Collating relevant documents from the ordering physicians/follow up
  • Providing additional information if any
  • Update the auth income in the PM/Billing system

PriorAuth Online even offers a $1/$3 million Hiscox/Geico Insurance coverage for any errors of Omission & commission, bearing all costs of transition during your migration from the old vendor. So, if you have been considering outsourcing your DME Prior authorization needs, PriorAuth Online is just a call away!

However, you can even email us, or contact us online to discover more about how we can turn your DME prior authorization process into a seamless operation and a way to revenue generation that makes everyone happy, especially your consumers. For more information on our other benefits that we have to offer, get in touch with our experts over a 'no commitment call'.

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