This is Shri Ram's country Malala Yusufzai

This is Shri Ram's country Malala Yusufzai

Kashmiri people have been facing difficulties for years. Their circumstances were worse when I was younger, even when my parents were younger and they were living in difficulties even when my grandfather was young. He does not need to suffer anymore. ”- Malala's tweet. Age calculator

This tweet of Malala Yusufzai expresses the pain of the people of Kashmir who were getting special status in India from the beginning till today due to Sardar Patel and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, which is much cheaper than the Indian public. Necessary facilities were available for food and life, whose land could not be purchased by a citizen of any other part of India, whose security was disastrous like Pakistan. To the Husi to get young military martyrdom of remote areas of the country, way2sms

Those who liked their special status so much that the government did not step in this way despite repeated voices by the people of the country and when the Modi government even thought of taking steps towards it, first against the decision by the Kashmiri people Considering that close to seven lakh army personnel were deployed there, Bluehost India

All the systems of information communication were closed there, Section 144 was imposed there and all this so that the Kashmiri people with the habit of staying in the special status can be made habit of living in the normal level and the people of Malala so far I am trying to show distress while the problem is going to increase with the Kashmiri people now because
After such a big decision of Modi government, suddenly everything will change in Kashmir.

It is very important for all of us to know what will change in Kashmir with the removal of Article 370 because the abolition of Article 370 is giving a lot to the Kashmiri people and snatching a lot -

  1. Presently, the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir have dual citizenship. This state also has its own flag. Withdrawing 370 will end these things.
  2. In Jammu and Kashmir, insulting the national flag or national symbols of India is not considered a crime, but with the removal of 370, these activities will fall under the category of crime like other parts of the country.
  3. Supreme Court orders are currently not valid in Jammu and Kashmir. Later, the citizens will also have to accept the orders of the top court.
  4. The law of the Center cannot be enforced without the consent of the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly in other matters except defense, foreign affairs, and communication. But after 370 is removed, the central government will be able to implement its laws there too.
  5. Currently, the term of the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly is 6 years. With the removal of Article 370, the tenure of the Legislative Assembly can be done for 5 years like all other states there too.
  6. Presently, Hindu-Sikh minorities do not get 16 percent reservation in Kashmir. With the removal of Article 370, minorities will get the benefit of reservation there too.

In this way, the people of Kashmir have enjoyed the comfort and comfort due to Article 370 till date, the present Modi-Shah government has put a stop to it and Malala Yousafzai feels that the condition of his Balochistan is the same. Whereas she does not know that this country belongs to Lord Shri Ram, whose sole purpose of life is to be a refugee Vatsal, for whom the promise given above life is Those who have said "Pran Jaye Jaye dengue Jaan" have not only proved that and no such government will come in the country of such a refugee Vatsal, Lord Rama, only on the sources of their life, so even if there is a shortage of food in the whole country, Short of life's amenities, but special status was made for the Kashmiri people and for 70 years since independence, he was appointed as the first guest in this country and now a member. Being ranked as Y, They were never given any trouble, nor were they ever allowed to feel that they are in trouble, so abandon the thought of Balochistan from the eyes of an Indian, then Kashmir will find the heaven of India because heaven is the place where someone Trouble does not happen and Kashmir has always been given the status of heaven, with all the sufferings suffered by the Indians themselves. Moviemad

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