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Three Things You Should Know Before Visiting the USA


When you want to go anywhere, you need to get adjusted with the environment and culture of that place completely, to feel the joy of that land from the bottom of your heart, here are some things you need to know if you are planning a trip to USA.


Spoken Languages in America

English dominates the US, but also Spain and other languages ​​are used nationwide. Although the United States has no official language, English is the most widely used language in the country and its interpretation is very simple. Before their independence, the United States was a British colony. As a result, the country has inherited many cultures and languages ​​from Britain. The majority of the country's population is of British descent and, among other factors, also promotes England's position in the American language and culture. In most states, English is used on the official platform, and almost the entire population has a basic knowledge of English. Nevertheless, other languages ​​are becoming increasingly popular as they are widely used in the US, and we will examine the main implications for this trend.

German and Hebrew also make up a large part of the US population in the United States. Since the colonization of the New World, German immigrants have arrived in the region. German Americans are one of the country's biggest races. Germany's influence in the US is felt in Chicago, South Dakota and North Dakota. Hebrew is also very common in the country, as the United States is the Jewish population with the largest population outside Israel. The United States and Israel have very close political and economic ties, which has led to a large influx of Israelis into the country. Many Jews also emigrated from Europe to the United States to escape the Holocaust. Los Angeles and New York City are examples of today's Jewish population in the United States.

USA Currency

The United States issues banknotes and coins to pay for purchases, taxes and debts. US banknotes are issued in seven denominations: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) produces banknotes. In addition, the money has been redesigned with a new look and enhanced security features. BEP includes security features that prevent counterfeiting. Purchase of US commemorative currency or US Currency through the Foreign Exchange Store of the office.

The United States does not spend large denominations like $ 500, $ 1,000, $ 5,000 and $ 10,000. All US currencies issued since 1861 can be redeemed at face value. The United States spends several denominations. The most common denominations are: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 1 US dollar. The US Mint produces and distributes coins to cover the costs of goods and services. It also sells collectable commemorative coins for sale. These coins are reminiscent of a person, a place or an event.

Clothing worn in the US

The fabric and structure of the clothes you choose will affect your comfort. Choose a breathable, lightweight material and stretch it slightly to feel comfortable when sitting or walking. If you are swollen or over-eaten on the road, you can also stretch your muscles. Dark colors cover the wrinkles that often occur when traveling. Dark fabrics also mask the stains. Black khaki pants with elastic waistband that stretch and are suitable for both men and women. A loose-fitting dress made of stretch material is the woman's choice. A pair of comfortable shoes can protect your feet from pain. Shoes are especially important if you are going to wear shoes for a long time. You can take off your shoes or help at the airport or if you need a break. Avoid wearing new shoes that do not fit. You may find it difficult to rub your feet or feel tight. Wearing rubber shoes on the plane is prohibited. Avoid using accessories, especially metal accessories, when traveling by plane. This facilitates the passing of security checkpoints. Useful accessories include a hat or headband that allows the hair to recede, and a durable bag that you can carry with you. Choose a bag that is easy to carry and easy to get inside. Search for separate sections so you can organize your content. In some cases, the choice of clothing can compromise safety, especially for women. The exposure of clothing can sometimes lead to unnecessary progress. When traveling abroad, you should also pay attention to the dress code of the attraction. Historical and religious sites may restrict access to required clothing and may not allow shorts or clothing.

And do remember the different postal codes of USA and country code for calling, many people and travellers get confused.



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