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Tips for Covering Vitiligo Patches with Makeup

Vitiligo is a skin condition that can shatter your self-confidence. How often have you dumped gala nights in summers or evening tet-â-tet with friends just because you hate that vitiligo patch on your legs? With stubborn spots appearing on your skin, carrying usual style statement turns into a big 'No-No.' 

No short dresses, no tube tops, no tunics. The problem of vitiligo leaves you with fewer options to wear to a party. However, as said, where there is a will, there is a way, you can get rid of those patches even if, temporarily. 

You can take your fashion statement a level up at the party, despite the vitiligo patch on your arms or legs! 


Psst, psst, it's all about makeup! 

Before we proceed, we must know what Vitiligo patches are? 

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which pale patches appear on the skin due to a lack of melanin. The patches lasts lifelong and light spread further. They mainly occur on hands, face, legs, and neck. At times, the patches may affect the inside of the eyes and mouth as well. 

Nonetheless, if you have to attend a party in your neighbourhood just in a couple of hours, go and grab your makeup kit. No, not only to apply on the face but also on the vitiligo patch. Get ready for a boost in your confidence, all thanks to vitiligo makeup.

Things that you will need for vitiligo makeup are: 

  • Razor

  • Exfoliating cream

  • Foam

  • Moisturizer

  • Fake tan cream

  • Foundation and concealer

  • Towel

All set? Let us start with the process: 

Wash your affected skin with water.

Remove hair from the area using the razor. You can use hair removal cream to get rid of hair two days before applying makeup on the area. Your skin may react to applying makeup right after the application of hair removal cream.

Now wash off the dirt with the help of exfoliation cream. Exfoliation will remove dirt and dead cells from the affected area and make your skin look clean. 

Wipe the entire area with a clean towel. 

Apply moisturizer on the area to ensure that the foundation sits smoothly on your skin. 

Now, if you live in cold climatic conditions, you may apply a fake tan cream. Those living in areas with high temperatures may skip this step. 

Mix the foundation and concealer thoroughly. 

Apply the mixture of concealer and foundation on vitiligo patch until it matches the skin colour. 

You are all set for the party! Put on a black mini dress, team it up with red lipstick and black heels and there you go, stealing all the show! 

Another method of hiding the vitiligo patch does not involve vitiligo makeup. It is a relatively advanced way of protecting the patch. You must have come across a word called micro skin.' Microskin is a simulated skin that is prepared for all skin colors, ages and genders to correct the colour of the skin. 

It is not a cream, neither a foundation. It is instead a liquid substance that is applied to the skin. One of the characteristic features of this material is that it is water-resistant, unlike other cosmetics. 

If applied on unexposed parts, it can last for several days. However, you might have to reapply on areas such as face and hands. This is because they are constantly in direct contact with the air.

So clearly, you do not have to shy away from your problem anymore. You are beautiful with or without the patches. All you need is a little bit of support and confidence.



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