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You are running a business, you are earning significant revenue but is your brand healthy?

What do we mean when we say the word "brand health"?

A brand is more than just its logo and symbol. They are a valuable asset to the business which, when competently manage, can help a brand stand out of the crowd, outshining the competitors.

A well-executed brand strategy is what differentiates you from your contemporaries.

A brand is termed healthy when:

  • It proffers consistent customer service with its advertising, sales, communication, after purchase communication, etc.

  • The message it gives out is relevant to its personality and the quality of service it offers.

  • It gets recognized anywhere in any context or is used in place of a generic term to state a product;

  • It is able to forge and strengthen a powerful connection with its qualified audience base with its effective communication strategies and leave a lasting impression

  • It is real and rooted with its values and is not misleading in any way.

It is essential to make sure that your brand health is kept a tab on and is well maintained, which is why marketing moguls suggest real-time brand health tracking. Brand health tracking is a strategic approach and process for measuring brand healthby identifying and gauging the critical indicators of performance in customer's preference in the brand's particular industry. Depending upon the niche in which it operates, every brand has different critical indicators on grounds would which its health is measured.  Since each brand faces different sets of issues, the brand health tracking survey for a different brand will be customized.

With the advancing technology and the growing accessibility due to the internet, everything that a business puts out has either a positive or negative impact their brand health. One minor mistake and your brand could end up losing a significant chunk of loyal followers. This makes keeping the brand being perceived as relevant, adding value to the customer's life even more urgent and vital. Keeping this into account, today we are going to share some of the helpful tips to make sure that your brand remains in the pink of its health:


Know how your brand, products, and services are being talked about. Determine how the sentiment of the audience is inclined towards you and your competitors. Social media can be effectively used to determine competitive intelligence and keep track of the latest trends.

Moreover, every brand has certain advocates who are ready to defend your quality; identify them, and measure their impact on the brand; 's performance. Similarly, there are going to be naysayers; measure their impact as well.  This will help you analyze and further strategize better for the future.


One size fits all approach never worked, and it never will. Your consumer needs personalized products and services, which also includes customized communication. Create real-time customized content depending on the visitor's behavior and shopping pattern to enhance your chances of sales.


Just how important it is for the customer to post issues related to the products and services to know it better, you, as a business operator should be consistent with your question to determine the success rate of your branding campaigns. Questions like what do you like and dislike about our company will help to identify the area where you need to work on and what services are being preferred more, what changes would your customers like to see in a particular product/ service, etc. The right questions and feedback will help you develop a better brand marketing strategy.

Brand health tracking is around the clock task, which requires someone with knowledge, skills, and industry expertise to manage it efficiently. This is why an increasing number of companies are hiring brand health tracking specialists who ensure a higher return on investment, meticulously devised strategies and successful execution.