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Tips to keep Milking machine maintained

No doubt dairy farming is rising due to advancements in technology, but you have to maintain them in a good condition for effective functioning. You must read this article to get a piece of knowledge about the maintenance of milking machines. Since we are going to give you tips to maintain dairy machinery in good condition.

Milking machine has several benefits, so you have to maintain them in good condition so that you can use them for a long time. In addition, dairy machinery is useful to save your time and money as well, also offer you durable service. However, you need to maintain them in a good condition so that you can get the best service from them.

Here are some tips to maintain milking machines in good condition.

Routine Services

You must hire experts for routine service of milking machines. Or you can also clean them by yourself. In addition to this, you must clean them with the help of normal or warm water so that they can offer you the quality milk. Make sure you do not use the chemical solution daily in order to clean the milking machine since it will harm your machines. So you must go with warm water to perform routine cleaning.

Replace Consumables

It is necessary to change consumables along with milking machine liners as well. You must change liners after every around 2000 cow milking. Otherwise, these liners lead your machines to problems and they start working slowly. This is also necessary because milking liners include bacteria, that are harmful to milk, so you must go with the replacement of liners and consumables as well.

Examine the vacuum oil pump regularly

You must examine the vacuum oil pump routinely, to reduce the risk of breakdowns. You must change the oil weekly for better functioning of the pump. In addition to this, make sure you must go with high-quality oil because otherwise, your machine does not work properly.

Here are some other tips to maintain your milking machine in good condition.


  • You must Wash outside of receiver jar, milk line, trap, hoses, and claws. You must empty trap daily.
  • You must examine all the rubber parts, replace them if you notice any problem.
  • Or must replace the liners for effective functioning.
  • You must check the vacuum recovery time and level as well.
  • It is necessary to check vacuum pumps and the air leaks as well.


  • As we stated above,m you musty clean the vacuum regulator weekly for effective functioning.
  • Apart from it, you must check whether stall cocks are working properly or not. If not then must tight them accordingly.
  • If you find any problem related to pulsator and vacuum regulator filters, they must clean and replace them as soon as possible.
  • You can also get help from experts if you do not have proper knowledge about milking machines.

Moreover, once in six months, you must examine the pulsator, and clean air ports as well as screens. Make sure, you must replace the broken parts immediately. Otherwise, these will affect your milk production and milk quality as well. In addition to this, must evaluate the whole milking system, so that you can replace the broken parts such as-:

  • rubber parts
  • hoses
  • air tubes.
  • receiver jar gasket.
  • Belts.

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