Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding in Your Budget

Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding in Your Budget

Wedding is one of the important life events. Every individual has a dream of having a perfect wedding. The perfect wedding involves a good amount of planning, countless arrangements, and hard-earned money. These days, destination wedding has become a trend.

When you listen to the name of the destination wedding, the first image comes to your mind is a posh and a fancy wedding. However, it is not like that. Many couples choose to take the vows and celebrate an exotic location with near and dear ones where they can enjoy to the fullest. For a destination wedding, it is not necessary to spend a huge amount. You can plan a destination wedding on your budget.

Here is a list of tips to plan a Destination Wedding in your budget

•    Figure out the Spending
The first and most important thing that affects the planning of a wedding is the budget. To start the planning, you need to figure out the amount that you are willing to spend. In a destination wedding, there are number of expenses that might not occur if the wedding is in hometowns such as airfare, local transportation, accommodation of guests and many more. 

•    Avoid Peak Season
Peak wedding season would result in higher prices of every service. Therefore, play smart and finalise the wedding date that is close to the off-peak season. Moreover, you would be able to utilise the MakeMyTrip coupons and save more money at the off-peak season.
•    Keep The Guest List Small
Bigger the guest list, higher the wedding cost would be. Therefore, if you wish to have a perfect destination wedding in your budget trim down your guest list. Let the family and closest friends be a part of this happening event and have a great time. Moreover, you can host a reception party for rest of your acquaintances in your city later. 

•    Go For Smart Decor
Decor affects the budget of a wedding to a great extent. You can plan smartly and save on decor expenses. For example, you can skip floral ideas, add some trendy options such as photo walls, candle cluster, fairly lights, etc., and give a personalised and give a classy look to your wedding.  

•    Opt for E-Invites
In spite of spending a hefty amount on the printing and sending of wedding invitations, it is better to go with e-invites. Today, everyone has a mobile phone. So, make the best use of technology is designing and sending the trendy and personalised wedding invites. It is a cost-effective and convenient way of inviting guests to your wedding. 

•    Skip the Weekend
While finalising the wedding date; check the calendar and ensure that you do not opt for a weekend. At the weekends, the destinations have tourists, and it becomes difficult to get the bookings for hotel or resorts. At the weekdays, you might get a better deal with the venue as well as vendors. For getting affordable accommodation, you can check mmt hotel booking offers and save a good amount. 

•    Hire Local Vendors
There is an array of ceremonies at a wedding. From a mehendi artist to makeup artist, photographer to decorator, you need to hire different vendors. At this point, it is advisable to hire the local vendors. It would give a different touch to your wedding and save the cost as well. 

•    Location
The destination has a greater impact on a budget of the wedding. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the destination wisely. For example, you can select for a smaller resort at a popular destination, and it is not necessary to rely on a resort chain. You can also opt for the offbeat destination, as the less commercial tourist destination would help to get favourable pricing.

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mdsarifali27522 4 months ago

Hello Sir, Really, it's a good article that I love to read. Keep up the good work. Site: