Top 10 Cow Ghee Brands in India

Top 10 Cow Ghee Brands in India

Nobody wants to compromise on the quality when it comes to using Desi Ghee. It is one of the most used dairy items across India. So many brands have jumped into the competition of providing pure Desi Ghee in India. But a very few of them are trusted by Indian consumers.

We Indians love to use Desi Ghee in most of our dishes and also need it in the purest form. We always want to purchase a pack of Desi Ghee, which is great in taste as well as affordable too. Almost every other Desi Ghee brand claims that their Desi Ghee is completely pure even in the price range of 300-400 bucks. Let's find out which one you should consider.

Here are the top 10 Desi Ghee manufacturers in India:


Founded in 1992, Gowardhan has claimed to be one of the most preferred dairy product brands in India. It’s best selling product is Desi Ghee, which is sold to thousands of people every day. The second best-selling products of Gowardhan are its Milk Powder, Cheese, Curd, and Butter.


Though it is priced higher than other Desi Ghee packs in the market it is the purest among all of them. It is made with traditional Bilona or Madhani method and brought directly from the selected farms. It offers real buffalo and Cow Ghee with no preservatives and artificial flavours in them.


The brand is quite popular among Indian Ghee consumers and has a fixed customer base for its quality Desi Ghee. Established in 1991, the brand has managed to sell its product in a good number because of its quality products. Madhusudan Desi Ghee is available for INR 330 per litre.


Based in Patiala, Milkfood is a famous Desi Ghee brand across all famous cities and towns in India. Its whole milk powder is also popular, which is good for making tea and other milk products. The Milkfood Desi Ghee is priced around INR 380 per litre.

Gopaljee Ananda

Holding the experience of around 25 years, Gopaljee Ananda has too made its separate market by selling good quality Desi Ghee within the amount of INR 330 approximately. Apart from Desi Ghee, Ananda also sells Chaach, Paneer, and Butter in India.


One of the renowned brands for making products like biscuits, rusks, the bread of multiple grains in India, Britania is also in the manufacturing of two varieties of Desi Ghee – Cow Ghee and Britania Danedar Ghee. Its Cow Ghee is more popular in comparison to the Danedar Ghee and it is priced at INR 415 per litre.


Amul is one of the most preferred Desi Ghee brands in India. Apart from its Desi Ghee, Amul is also popular among Indian consumers for its cheese, milk, and butter. Its milk and butter are the most selling products across all the parts in India. The 1 litre of Amul Desi Ghee is priced at INR 340.


The Punjab-based dairy product company sells its products in most of the popular places across India. People in Punjab do not prefer any other Desi Ghee than Verka. Booths opened by Verka avail varieties of dairy products, which include milk, curd, lassi, and the best-selling Desi Ghee. Its Desi Ghee costs around INR 380 per litre.

Mother Dairy

Mother dairy is aggressively active in the dairy business since 1974. Its primary business is about selling toned and full-cream milk across the northern parts of India. Desi Ghee or Cow Ghee is also one of the best-selling products by Mother Dairy. Moreover, it also sells edible oils, frozen vegetables, juices, jams, fruits and vegetables.

Nestle Everyday

Nestle’s first plant was introduced in 1961 in Moga, Punjab. It is an Internationally famous brand, which offers 100 % pure ghee and other milk products. It is hygienically packed to maintain its flavour and freshness for a long time. Its Desi Ghee is named as Shahi Ghee, which is priced at INR 475 approximately.


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