Top 10 reasons why SAP Business One is perfect for SMEs

Top 10 reasons why SAP Business One is perfect for SMEs

Reason 1: Future proof investment

SAP Business One has been specially design for the SMEs. SAP is highly committed to SME customers and offers them great value not only during the time of acquisition of the software application for the first time but for years to come. SAP Business One is dynamic and has the flexibility to grow along with your business, thanks to the continuous released updates of improved new functionalities.
As a customer, your investment in SAP Business One keeps giving you returns on an ongoing basis as SAP incorporates new innovations in the product which ultimately have a positive impact on your business on a recurring basis all the way in the future.

Reason 2: Proven track record
SAP Business One is being used and trusted by over 60,000 customers with 1 million users globally. These customers belong to a wide spectrum of industry verticals and geographies.

Reason 3: Global Best Practices
Adopting SAP Business One will, practically, automatically help you run your company better – in terms of streamlining of operations, increasing productivity, reduction in cost, better customer relations and so on. This is possible because SAP incorporates global Best Practices in its products – on the business process side and on technology side.

Reason 4: Flexibility of deployment
SAP Business One can be implemented On-Premise (on customer’s own hardware) or in a
hosted/cloud model.

Reason 5: Leveraging HANA Platform
SAP Business One runs on SAP’s cutting-edge HANA platform thus offering great analytical capabilities to its customers. Customers also have the option on running SAP Business One on SQL.

Reason 6: Easy to Use
User Interface of SAP Business One is intuitive and users find the UI very simple to use. Some customers are under the impression that users need to be high on computer literate to be able to operate SAP Business One System. This is a myth. in fact, there are several customers where end users having the limited educational background (let alone computer literacy) are using SAP Business One system with ease and comfort.

Reason 7: Quick to Implement
High level of commitment from top management of the company embarking on SAP project is a must to ensure that project moves forward as per plan. Furthermore, the customer needs to align itself with right implementation partner who brings incompetency and expertise in handling the project end to end. With these taken care of, SAP Business One can be implemented in a matter of few weeks (8-12 weeks). There are examples of implementations completed in less than 8 weeks also!

Reason 8: Easy to integrate
SAP Business One comes with inherent robust capabilities that enable smooth interfacing with other applications.

Reason 9: Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Investing in an enterprise application like SAP Business One is a key decision for company’s management. As a part of the evaluation process it should assess the total cost of ownership of the solution (TCO) which includes one-time as well as on-going costs.
SAP Business One offers low TCO. Be it licenses, hardware, implementation and on-going support – the price points are attractive in the context of a business case.

Reason 10: Boost your company’s branding and perception
Running your company on SAP Business One not only gives you direct benefits with respect to its operational performance but it also helps in enhancing your company’s reputation in the market since SAP as a brand itself enjoys high credibility. Whether it’s dealing with potential customers or investors or collaboration partners, you will stand a notch higher in their evaluation process should you be running your company on SAP.


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