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Top 4 Call Center Trends Which Will Be Followed By BPO Companies In 2020

Call center have been into existence for decades and have aided in the process of customer service for great number of years. Almost every business strives to provide the best customer support to their customers from across the globe. In the contemporary days, if a business does not provide timely assistance to their customers then they are surely going to lose out on their valuable customers in the long run. Call centers are no longer limited to listening to customer complaints and have evolved as an efficient marketing branch for any company.

Outsourcing has been the new talk in town. Both developed and emerging businesses look to partner with experienced call center outsourcing companies to facilitate better assistance to customers. The call centre companies have always strived hard to adopt the latest technologies and follow trends to ensure their clients can retain their customers in the long run. Improved customer satisfaction has always resulted in a business retaining more and more customers. Call center have attempted to improve their services over the years as they face stiff competition not only from local competitors but also from other International BPO companies based in different countries.

4 Call Center Trends Which Will Take The Forefront In 2020

1) Artificial Intelligence To Aid Customer Interactions

Artificial intelligence and data science have impacted the entire business world in the last few years. Call centers are not much behind in adopting the massive benefits of it and supplying them to the valuable customers of a business. Companies look to outsource call center services to streamline call center experiences for both customers of a business and the call center agents. IVR systems have been used in call centers for years and AI will influence the IVR systems in a massive way. AI can better recognize customer voice and tone and help an agent figure out the current mood of a customer. The call history will aid IVR systems to offer the best possible response in real-time.

2) More Usage Of Analytics To Improve Customer Service

BPO firms have begun making extensive use of the right analytics tools for monitoring and recording customer viewpoints, interests, feedbacks, etc. Proper analysis of calls and customer behavior presents them with great opportunities to further improve the service they wish to provide. In this data-driven business world, the availability of the right data at the right time can make or break a company. A feedback loop is created to better record customer feedbacks post the termination of the phone call. This data can then be used to measure the performance of agents and predict the behavior of the customer during future contacts.

3) Improved Omni-Channel Communication

The omni-channel approach can help a customer receive a highly personalized experience across all channels. The customers must be able to get a similar experience when they wish to seek assistance through different channels like mobile apps, business website, social media accounts, etc. BPO organizations which put great emphasis on the omni-channel approach allow customers to migrate from channel to channel in a consistent and seamless way. This approach ensures that there is a similar consistency in branding, promotion, etc. across all the available channels to a consumer. Research from time to time has shown that companies with an omni-channel approach are able to register better customer experience and customer satisfaction rates as opposed to those companies which do not.

4) Rise In Social Media Integration

Social media has influenced the digital world and has impacted almost every business belonging to different sectors. Almost every business strives to maintain an impactful social media presence to better facilitate customer interactions and communications. On the other hand, contemporary customers can also be seen spending a significant amount of time on the leading social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc. So if the customers of a business turn to social media platforms to register their grievances and concerns, the call center agents can seek valuable insights from their descriptions and complaints. This will further allow the calll center agents to better track the customers on their social media platforms and better assist them with the queries or complaints.






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