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Top 5 Lip Glosses That Changed the Beauty Game!

Lip glosses were made out of a tacky formula which made it so difficult to reapply it. This way the trend of wearing lip glosses went away but not for long! 2018 was the year when all the nostalgia came back, that too, bigger and better! Rihanna, The BadGalRiri, came out with the most amazing and beautiful lip topper! Lip glosses these days are no longer sticky or hard, rather they give your lips the perfect smooth, silky, almost glass-like finish which puts together your entire makeup look in the most beautiful manner! We all dig the looks that our VS Angels give us, right? Achieve that perfection by looking at these top 5 lip glosses in the industry!

  1. Fenty Beauty “Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer”

Riri won hearts by coming up with this beautiful universal lip gloss shade that gives you the perfect flawless look. Apply this on any lipstick or use it on bare lips, it will give you a lustrous shine, perfect for a lux day to night shift! This lip gloss isn’t tacky nor does your hair sticks to your face like it would with the old-school glosses. This lip gloss has all the perfect essential oils which give your lips, the right amount of enrichment, keeping them soft all day and all night. This line has two more extremely beautiful shades, no one can resist!

  1. Jeffree Star Cosmetics “The Gloss: Crystal Kiss”

Jeffree Star, the YouTuber everyone loves, came out with his first ever yet the most iconic formula in lip glosses! This line had about 18 shades and for every shade, there were two choices; Extreme Shine and Glitter Fantasy! You want a glitterati lip? Here it is! the formula is smooth, silky and gives your lips the right amount of coverage that you need! And can we just appreciate the iconic packaging of this lip gloss? The petite bottle, the eye-catching lid, and the cute pink packaging box! It is everything that you need for the elegance in your vanity!

  1. Pat McGrath Labs: “Lust Gloss”

When heavenly beauty met lust; Pat McGrath Labs came out with the glistening gloss, “Lust Gloss”! This gloss has changed how gold glosses ever looked like. This eerie line for lip glosses has about 32 shades of perfection, with three variations of High Shine, Shimmer, Glitter! Want something nude and pink or glitter? You got it right here! One swipe and you get the perfect 3D shine! Not to forget the perfect electric pink packaging that makes it all the more appealing to buy! A true makeup enthusiast will never be able to resist this impeccable lip gloss!

  1. Glossier Clear Lip Gloss

If there is one thing that all women love, it’s a rosy lip. No matter if it’s summer season or fall, a perfect pink lip is what looks pleasing for every natural look. As we all know, Glossier focused on the skin more than it did on makeup, so every product gives you a natural, highlighted look. Well, following the trend, Glossier came up with the most beautiful and cute Clear Lip Gloss with a rosy hint of color to it. This lip gloss gives you the right amount of shine over your lips, perfect for everyday use. Not just that, it has shea butter in it which gives the nourishment to your lips. One swipe and your lips won’t dry out the entire day! Moreover, the packaging of this gloss is sleek and simple, making it extremely modest for all makeup bags.

  1. M·A·C Clear Lip Glass

How can we not mention the OG, the showstopper, the perfection; M·A·C Clear Lip Glass? This is the best and the most favorite lip gloss of every single person! The holy grail product in the kit of every makeup artist! This product came here to stay and it showed what the real game is! The lip gloss gives you the perfect coating of high glass shine over your lips and adds life to every glam makeup look! And can we look at the perfect combination of clear tube and black packaging box? The elegance of this entire product is unrivaled! This one gloss can give you both, crazy shine and subtle glow!

Back in the days, lip glosses were all sticky and the focus was on making trends. But these days, like the above mentioned iconic lip glosses, every lip gloss gives you a fuller pout and picture-perfect attraction! No matter what kind of makeup look you are going for, you can rock the entire party by just putting on a seductive lip gloss! With all the lip glosses that have been mentioned above, other than high quality formula, another common thing is quality packaging! All the Lip Gloss Packaging Boxes are beautiful and are made from the sturdiest of material! This shows that all brands in the modern industry, focus on the perfection of product packaging as well. So for any new brand, the focus should not only lie in the smooth formula but the beauty of the packaging as well because it is what catches the eye! The perfect formula for shimmery holographic lip gloss complemented by brilliant packaging is the DREAM of every makeup lover!



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