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Top 7 Essential Pros and cons of nail extension

The gel nail and acrylic extension are in vogue for women and it is a kind of nail extension that is composed of various gel manicures and polish chemicals. You might be aware of acrylics nail extension and some of you may also have tried it at some point in your life.

But we need to understand the difference between gel and acrylic nail extension?

The Acrylic nail extension consists of monomer liquid which is mixed with a polymer powder to form a paste that is glued onto your natural nail and tip. The paste hardens over time and can last a good 3 to 4 weeks.

Benefits of acrylic nails: 

  • This is very suitable for brittle and weak nails.

  • It is cheap in cost.

  • The nails last for 3-4 weeks.

  • Acrylic nails are harder.

Gel nail extension is known as gel overlays. It gives a layer of thick transparent gel on your natural nail or nail extensions. It requires LED or UV light exposure to set effectively.

Benefits of gel nails:

  • These are extremely lightweight, they cause the least amount of discomfort.

  • Gel nail extensions appear more natural.

  • Due to its flexibility, gel nails not only set easily but are also resistant to chipping.

  • It is environmentally safe.

No doubt that nail extension makes you feel good. There is a large variety of nail art patterns to choose from. If you never try nail art yet then let’s analyze together some advantages and disadvantages of this fashionable trend in nail polish.

Here in this article, we are going to review some pros and cons of nail extension.

Advantages and disadvantages of nail extension

Advantages of nail extension

Gives the classy look

Nail Extensions give you the perfect look and hide out all the imperfections of your nails by making them look astonishing. Acrylic nails look like the natural nails, these extensions have the same edges and points. 

Your nails will be more attractive and smooth if you don’t ask for polishing and buffing before the application of nail polish. For beautiful nail art on nail extensions, you can choose the base according to your lifestyle or workstyle. Pick from an acrylic or gel nail extension for you.

Protect nails 

Most people think that nails extensions give some health threats but nails extensions protect the brittle nail prone to breaking and splitting. There is no side effect. You will be pleased after seeing the results of the nail extension. It fixes the broken nails and protects the nails from any kind of infection and they are covered with good quality nail extensions and protected.

Choose different shapes

Nails are all about shapes. Every person has different nail shapes like round, square, small, etc. And not everyone is born with beautiful nails and some of us dream to get the exquisite nail on the hands. 

This can be only possible with the extension of nails. Nail extension gives the option to select the nail of any shape and make your dream come true. You can choose any nail of any form like almond shape, stiletto nail, and many more. These nail extensions can be permanent or temporary. It’s up to you to pick the best one according to your budget. 

Stunning nail art

Creativity is all we want in our nails. Nail art can be an intricately embellished nail or a cool graphic pattern to match the outfit. Health and beautiful nails are always in the trend that can bring more self-confidence for any woman.

Benefits of nail art:

  • Nail art offers a palette of colors and you can choose your favorite one that matches your lifestyle, your personality, and your outfit. Multicolor nail art can cheer you up at any moment.

  • If you are bored of neutral-colored nail polish, then a bold graphic or a colored patterned nail art adds some fun.

Disadvantages of nail extension

Not durable

Nail extensions are not durable. They can last up to three to four weeks, however, it is stated that it should not be used for much longer of the time period as it can damage the natural nail and longer usage is not preferred. 

If you want to remove the gel nail extension, it is not that easier like fixing as all you have to do is to use a foil and acetone to absorb it well until the nails are ready to be peeled off, like you would remove nail polish with gel polish remover. 


Nail extension is very expensive. As it needs regular maintenance and proper care to last in longer. The coat of glue is placed to fix the artificial nail. It also damages the surface of nails.

Due to the lack of oxygen, our original nail becomes unhealthy and can be deteriorated if we use the nail extension for a long time. It stops the growth of our own nails and makes the nails weak. Although the fake nails look pretty and flashy, under the surface our real nails. And our originals become weak and dull because they are covered with a strong layer.

Wrapping up 

Above we have discussed some of the merits and demerits of the nail extension. You can make your decision accordingly and pick the best option according to your budget.

Positively, this article gives you the best guidance before choosing the nail extension.

We would love to hear from you. So feel free to ask in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading!!



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