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Top 7 Must Know Benefits of Using a Slow Juicer

In today's time, we have made our lives that busy to often neglect our health due to the lack of time. Because of the tight schedule, we hardly get time to prepare healthy meals or often eat fruits. Having an appliance like juicer could help in managing the health a bit better as it would reduce the pain of preparation. Especially the slow juicer or masticating juicer helps even more. Given below are the 7 most important benefits of using a slow juicer: –





















  1. This kind of juicer works by using force and pressure. The food tossed in it moves along the auger (the main part that does all the work of the juicer) grinds and breaks down into a pulp. Then, it is moved further, down towards the end cap where immense pressure is build-up to squeeze the pulp to separate the juice. Thus, this juicer is simple, quiet and effective for leafy items. The juice extracted by this juicer has relatively less amount of air and thus decreases the oxidation capacity. Less oxidation reduces the degradation to a great extent.

  2. Using this juicer, comparatively more quantity of juice can be extracted. It works efficiently to break down the cell walls of the food components and squeeze more amount of nutrients in the glass which sometimes cannot be consumed by other means. Moreover, it lowers the risk of oxidation and thus can be stored for a long time without spoilage.

  3. The annoying thing about the juicers or blenders is the humming sound that the motor make while in process. The masticating juicers makes much less sound as compared to the others. This is because, they run at a much slower speed which reduces a considerable level of the unwanted sound. The motors of centrifugal blending juicers operate at around 1000 RPM to 1200 RPM, a relatively high speed, while most masticating juicing machines run at 80 RPM to 100 RPM, with some even dropping as low as 43 RPM.

  4. These masticating juicers work by the cold press method and thus squeezes each and every chunk of the fruit to extract juice at a very low temperature. This ensures that all the enzymes and other beneficial nutrient components of the fruit are left intact to help us achieve better health.

  5. As these juicers are efficient in blending the green leafy vegetables too, they extract more fibres out of it along with the more amount of juicy produce. Thus, it helps us to get more fibre in the diet and boost our digestive system. It also empowers the immune system along with providing greater energy levels.

  6. It should be noted that juices are readily absorbed by the body as compared to actually consuming the pieces of the fruits. As it reduces the amount of pulp and other solids, it puts less pressure on the digestive system to digest it; thus allowing the digestive system to focus on absorbing the nutrients and vitamins.

  7. The juice extracted by the masticating juicer can be kept for up to 24 hours in the fridge without it being spoiled. Whereas, the masticating juicers with twin gear construction can keep the keep it fresh for 3-5 days with hardly changes even in the nutritional value and taste of the juice.


If one wishes for a dietary enhancement in their life, then choosing a masticating juicer would be a great idea. It provides incredible nutrients and more quantity of juice with even just a small piece of fruit. With less noise level and easy operation, such Slow Juicers are undoubtedly an amazing household appliance. Thus, choosing this kind of juicer can make a healthy transformation in our lives. Excellent Slow Juicers are offered by various companies. These companies have a wide variety of slow juicers that includes stylish designs, features and operations.



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