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Top advantages of mobile apps that immensely benefits Food Blogs

The food and hospitality industry is one of the biggest industries out of all. According to Statista, the market size of the food and beverage industry across the USA has been estimated to be around 46 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

One of the strongest pillars and contributors to this industry is the food bloggers who diligently share their recipes, knowledge, and experiences with their audience. Food bloggers also have some of the biggest audiences across all domains.

Another big trend that is being observed is that more and more people are now shifting their online browsing medium from computers to mobile devices. More than 50% of online browsing is already being done on mobile phones.

Seeing this, more and more food bloggers have now started converting their website into mobile apps for their audiences. Let us see how mobile apps are helping food blogs.

#1 – Stronger connections with readers

You know that your readers are foodies and are always looking for your next updates. They follow what you say and preach and are completely connected with you.

Build a deeper connection with your readers by offering them a premium reading experience with a native mobile app for your food blog.

The mobile app will allow you to send personalized messages and notifications to your readers on various special events and occasions. Make them feel special and rewarded for following your blog.

#2 – Enhanced Reading Experience

Native mobile apps are well known to offer a premium experience to its users. And that very well translates to food blog mobile apps as well.

The audience today prefers reading blogs on their mobile phones over the cumbersome process of checking it out on their laptops or desktops.

Mobile reading is highly convenient, which is why there is an increasing demand for mobile apps by the day. You can easily benefit from this by meeting your audiences’ demand with a mobile app for your blog.

#3 – Unified Content Management

Make sure that there is the least maintenance required for the mobile application from your end. Unified content management across the website and mobile applications, both Android & iOS will prove highly beneficial.

Every new blog post or any update on your website must also automatically reflect on your mobile application. Otherwise maintaining updates on your mobile app will become an overhead.

To overcome this, make sure that you select a WordPress mobile app builder that offers you unified content management when building your mobile application.

#4 – Instant Promotions

Send out push notifications and personalized messages to your readers whenever you publish a new article on your website.

Invite users with the correct call to action links and increase the readership on your blogs to promote your content.

Push notifications can also be utilized to monetize your audience. Promote affiliate products, business partners or your own product or services.

#5 – Track and Analyse Performance

Study your progress with analytical insights on your mobile app’s performance. There are multiple helpful tools like Google Analytics, One Signal and the likes that provide great analytical insights for your app.

Get direct feedback on the content that you publish. This will greatly help strategize content for future blog posts.

#6 – Social Media Integration

Amplify your online network by integrating your social media handles with your mobile app. Increase your social following with easy to share buttons.

Allow your readers to share your blog on their own social media profiles and in their network of other foodies. This will greatly enhance your readership.


We just saw how mobile applications are doing wonders for the food bloggers and it’s time you take your blog to the next level.

There couldn’t have been a better time to build a mobile app for your food blog. The industry is moving to a mobile-first model and you must grab this opportunity.



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