Top Celebrity Kid Hairstyles

Top Celebrity Kid Hairstyles

Ever wanted your child to look like a celebrity? With a wavy Mohawk or a highlighted braid, celebrity kids are the new trendsetters (Surprise! Surprise!). With parents belonging to the limelight, no wonder the kids receive a jumpstart to being a celebrity before they even learn to pronounce “Mom”. With being celebrity comes great style (Yes, I changed the proverb). And who to tell you all about it, better than us. So, in this article, I am going to share with you some of the best cute baby hairstyles that are eye-catching, top of the trend, and don’t require too much maintenance.

To be honest, when I was a kid, I wished my parents had spent enough time on my hair and style. Instead, I was a plain kid, with big glasses, messy hair, sometimes tied up in a bunch, or just hanging loose. I am sure you don’t want to be one of those parents, and neither did I. So, I started following some of the latest celebrities online, and note the hairstyle their kids had. Particularly I liked Mohawk the most, cause it goes so well with the round face of my child, and it’s also super easy to maintain. But we have other looks as well, like the luscious locks, braids, buzz cut and so much more. So, enough with the chit chat, let’s start with our rundown.

1.   Beckham’s 


The Beckham family is surely the new definition of styling. Having parents that are known for being legends in style, the three children are surely not going to stay behind. Romeo, Brooklyn, and Cruz were spotted in the streets with their parents. Romeo sporting an old school bowl, Brooklyn with side-swept fringe hairstyle and the little Cruz with a short buzz cut. Amongst the three, I personally liked Cruz with the buzz, as he truly looked like a tiny diva.

2.   Junior Peter Andre 

junior peter andre

One of my favorites in this list, and I wish I could tell you how adorable Junior Andre looked with the short Mohawk hairstyle. The parents Peter Andre and Katie Price have truly played it cool, by keeping the front hair short and the back, wavy.

3.   Kai 


Who says pink is the color only for girls. I certainly disagree and so has Naomi Watts. Her son Kai was spotted in a scooter sporting pink bangs! Yes, you heard me right, Kai has pink bangs with luscious locks falling down his side, making him look incredibly stylish.

4.   Lourdes 


Who doesn’t know Madonna! The goddess of bold and incredibly stylish lifestyle. Her daughter Lourdes seems to be following her mother’s footsteps much closer than we thought. Bringing you another quirky and bright hairstyle – Lourdes was spotted with beautiful green locks, and she totally nailed it.

5.   Suri 

suri cruise

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are surely raising a tiny diva in the making. Personally, I found Suri’s hairstyle bold, as I have never seen any kid carry it before that too with so much extravagance. Suri went with a cropped fringe, and by crop I mean, too crop. But she surely proved, that with the right attitude, even a crop fringe can make a statement.

6.   Willow Smith 

willow smith

I love braids! I really do. Especially when they are highlighted with some bright color like violet, sea green or even pink. Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith, took me by surprise when she made an appearance in some premiere with a top knot braided hairstyle. Twist to the tale was that she had highlighted her hair blue at the ends, making her look gorgeous. She truly stood out from the crowd that night.

7.   Shiloh Jolie-Pitt 

angelina joilie with his kid


How can I forget to mention Shiloh, son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Little Shiloh was spotted running with a yogurt cup on his hand, sporting a cute layered bob hairstyle. If you are imagining a short bob, then let me stop you right there, as this hairstyle was different. Shiloh had his locks short from the front, and longer on the backside, giving him a messy look.

So, there goes my list on the top 7 best celebrity kid hairstyles that I personally liked and have tried a few. Some of my friends prefer the crop and buzz hairstyle of Beckham's as it’s very easy to maintain, no need to blow dry every day. But in case you have a daughter, and you are a parent with a fun side, I would suggest you go for the Braids with highlights. It’s sure to make your child stand out from the crowd, giving her a modern and fancy look. Also, as honorable mentions, I would like to add the High Top hairstyle carried by Henry, Heidi Klum’s eldest son. He had a tall afro that was brushed up. It really went well with his persona. Thus, in case you want to go for some (hair-raising) experiments, you can surely try the afro.

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