Top Major Functions Of Laboratory Seating

Top Major Functions Of Laboratory Seating

Biotechnology and bio-medical professionals that work in environments must have specialized furniture in their laboratories. Sometimes this furniture needs to be customized and built specifically to accommodate such professionals within their work environments. ESD and clean room room environments. Those who are responsible for handling hazardous material, chemicals and other substances, need to handle them in a certain manner. As such, laboratory furniture often requires that it is developed to be as accommodating for the work environment as possible. This includes lab benches, lab carts and lab furniture in general. Below are some uses for lab benches and laboratory furniture in the work-place and why it’s vital to select the right furniture based on your specific work environment and job assignment.

Lab Benches

Many professionals in the Biotech, medical and scientific industries find that the use of a lab bench can be very critical when dealing with a variety of different chemicals and other substances that would normally cause corrosion to a lab bench.

A durable lab bench can hold 1600 pounds and is used primarily so that the work surface is suitable for biotech 100 Clean room based labs. Some of the well-made lab benches also consist of a powder coat paint finish that provides both chemical and corrosion resistance, typically for the full life of the bench. The sturdy, durable lab benches are very heavy duty and are made of steel. They have work surfaces with the capacity to adjust anywhere from 30 to 36 inches as needed. This flexibility is especially important when working with different types of waste, chemicals and other hazardous material.

Other lab benches consist of industrial type benches. Some of which are made with Formica that has been laminated for use with work surfaces that works best in a garage or workshop setting. The laminated surface are stain resistant, scratch resistant and is also oil and water resistant. Because of the powder coat paint that is normally found on these types of lab benches, they are also corrosion resistant as well. Industrial type laboratory benches usually provide this type of resistance for the life of the bench.

Lab Furniture

Laboratory furniture is offered in a variety of different styles and sizes based on what the furniture will be used for. Scientific, medical and biotech-based professionals, as well as students who are studying in either of these fields, will perform such work in the work environment or in the classroom setting. None-the-less, they may require different types of furniture based on their job or classroom assignments.

Laboratory furniture must be resistant to a variety of chemicals and other substances that it may become exposed to. None-the-less laboratory furniture comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes as it is used for a wide variety of different purposes. Such as lab racks, laboratory supply dispensers, laboratory, lockers, lab cabinets, lab carts, laboratory desks and Laboratory Seating.

Most laboratory furniture is made out of steel; however some are made out of sturdy, heavy duty plastic. Additionally, because of all of the exposure to serious chemicals and hazardous-waste laboratory furniture must be made to use and properly dispose of chemical-based substance.

Professionals who handle various chemically based materials may also require customized furniture to better accommodate his or her job function.

It is important that careful thought is put into selecting the best lab furniture for your work environment or classroom that’s most beneficial to the job assignment at hand. Additionally, these items should be purchased so that professionals can be productive in the workplace as well as safe and free of excessive exposure to chemically based material.



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