Top Specification Of Moisture Balance Analyzer

Top Specification Of Moisture Balance Analyzer

There have some experts in moisture analysis and offer a wide range of reliable and easy to use moisture analyzers suiting the needs of quality control, production and in-process control of many industries, such as pharmacy, plastics and food industry. Our moisture balances are characterized by:

Reliable results thanks to precise temperature control with halogen heating technology and outstanding weighing technology

Intuitive operation with step-by-step user guidance to avoid errors in routine operation

Consistent measurement performance for many years due to robust construction, built-in performance tests and a comprehensive service offering

Optimize your moisture analysis with the help of our moisture expertise. Profit from our tested moisture methods, wealth of know-how and widespread support. Moisture affects the processibility, shelf life, usability and quality of many products such as pharmaceutical substances, plastics and foods. Information about and monitoring of moisture content is therefore very important. Most substances have optimum moisture content for obtaining the best possible processing results and therefore attaining maximum quality. Furthermore, moisture content impacts on price and there are statutory rules for some products governing the maximum permissible moisture content (e.g. as defined by national food regulations).

A moisture analyzer or moisture analyzer balance can be a portable or fixed moisture meter for moisture determination according to an established moisture measurement principle. Used in agriculture, food processing, biomass, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, construction and other industries, PCE Instruments (PCE) professional-grade moisture analyzer products utilize renowned moisture measurement principles.

For example, PCE halogen moisture balance analyzer function on the gravimetric or loss on drying (LOD) principle. A halogen moisture analyzer balance uses the heat from the halogen lamp or halogen light bulb to dry a material sample. Moisture content is calculated based on the weight difference before and after the drying procedure. The halogen-heated drying chamber of PCE moisture analyzer balances is suitable for moisture testing and analysis of samples of materials such as wood, pellets, biomass, granules, feed, food products, creams and pastes.

In addition to desktop halogen moisture analyzer balances, PCE offers a wide range of handheld moisture analyzer devices for moisture determination on the go. These portable moisture measurement devices are used in the field by building contractors, wood and concrete flooring installers, home inspectors, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians and more. Many of these handheld moisture analyzer products feature dielectric, capacitance or capacitive electrical resistance sensors or probes.

Some moisture analyzer devices provide non-destructive moisture measurements, while other moisture analyzer products use insertion pins to penetrate a material's surface. PCE also carries inline moisture analyzer devices. Often referred to as in-process moisture sensors or real-time moisture meters, these inline moisture analyzers are integrated into existing process control systems. A noteworthy PCE in-process moisture sensor is the PCE-A-315, as the inline moisture meter provides exceptionally accurate grain moisture measurement in real time.

The PCE-A-315 in-process moisture sensor boasts a measurement range of 5% to 40% for moisture content during continuous mass flow with an error of just ±0.5% from 5% to 18% grain moisture. In addition to remarkable precision, the PCE-A-315 inline moisture analyzer delivers significant cost savings.

The PCE-A-315 lowers energy costs by enabling shorter drying times and reduces labor costs by automating the moisture monitoring process. Suitable for the continuous monitoring of moisture in corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, oats, rye, hops, coffee, cocoa beans, oil seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, spelt seeds, buckwheat, sesame, peas, fava beans, scarlet runner beans, triticale, amaranth and jatropha, the PCE-A-315 in-process moisture meter uses low-power microwaves to penetrate the surface every 0.2 second and obtain interior moisture readings without causing any damage. An integrated temperature probe ensures the readings are accurate from 41°F to 131°F (5°C to 55°C).



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